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  • Weekly Award winners!

    Please take the time and congratulate your fellow PR players for their outstanding performances!


    AFSoccer: Distinguished Commander (Class 2)

    When: 8 December 2007

    Where: TG vs. OpReal Scrimmage

    What/Who: AFSoccer - Distinguished Commander (class 2)

    I would like to nominate AFSoccer for his amazing command abilities during the scrim against OpReal. I have served under him countless times, and he is by far one of the best commanders I have ever played with. His scrim preparation was one of the most intricate I have ever seen, and the maps he sent us were of exceptional quality. The way he positioned the troops during the scrim allowed us to defeat the enemy and eventually cap them out.

    Distinguished Armor: DemonsRage, Masterjack, and TheGreatNardini

    I would like to nominate DemonsRage for his performance as the gunner of tank 2 during the scrim against OpReal. Throughout the entire game he followed orders from both me (the driver) and Fuzzhead (the SL) very efficiently, and was doing an excellent job engaging enemy units. This is not the first time I have had the pleasure of tanking with him, and he has consistently shown me that he is one of the best tank gunners on our server.
    This was during our battle for Ejod Desert vs Opreal

    Persistence, persistence, persistence. During this round control of the West hills for armor was crucial. It would provide support for West City, and our eventual push into Gardens and North Desert. Unfortunately, the Armor's first push failed. The enemy had dug in for over 30 mins with HAT's, and engineers. In the downtime waiting for their tanks the Armor squad would fiercely fight off all infantry and tanks in the West Hills.

    They had to do this 3-4 times before finally being able to hold their positions with our Armor.

    Once finally in position, they provided excellent support for the team as it moved up to conquer Gardens and North desert. Down to one out of their 2 tanks on the last push for the MEC main, Nardini slowly rode up the main road followed closely by 2 loyal engineers. The tank even provided smoke cover with it's own anti lock system for the 10-15 troops charging towards thier main.

    A beautiful sight to see: 2 M1Abrams tanks steamrolling across the desert with mini-guns blazing.
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    Re: Weekly Award winners!

    Congrats guys, you deserve every bit of it.


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      Re: Weekly Award winners!

      Rock on guys, well deserved!


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        Re: Weekly Award winners!

        Grats, well done guys!


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          Re: Weekly Award winners!

          Congrats guys! Great work!

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          No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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            Re: Weekly Award winners!

            Good job guys
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            would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby.
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              Re: Weekly Award winners!

              Wow, an unexpected Christmas present! Thanks again to everyone that participated in the scrim. I can't wait until the next one.


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                Re: Weekly Award winners!

                Congrats everyone, well deserved!

                I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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                  Re: Weekly Award winners!

                  yes, well deserved everyone!

                  Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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                    Re: Weekly Award winners!


                    If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.


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                      Re: Weekly Award winners!

                      congrats on your outstanding performances during the scrims! It's great to see everyone step up and show the world how the game is supposed to be played.
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                        Re: Weekly Award winners!



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                          Re: Weekly Award winners!

                          Congrats Guys!




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