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Been a long time..might be able to get back into it now.

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  • Been a long time..might be able to get back into it now.

    Remember me???

    Few months ago I got enamored with PRM and played it as much as possible (not necessarily on TG though as it was nearly always full).

    Shortly after , my connection went down the tubes (I'm on wireless high speed,all I can get) and I would get screen lag where I'd jump around and get disoriented,even with pings <100.This made the game virtually unplayable online.

    I tried all kinds of things from formatting and reinstalling the whole mess to serioulsy looking at an entire new system.

    Downloaded a nifty little program the other day (VisualRoute if you interested and I AM NOT PLUGGING IT,just mentioning it) that gave me a trace route and showed that the problems all cropped up way down across the border where I'd get time outs , 20-40% packet loss ,ping spikes etc. etc. These locations are way beyond the control of my local ISP so there's no sense in hounding them.

    Anyway , there are times when the connection is stable enough to allow me to play so I'm looking forward to getting back into it now...only don't ask me to take a specialty kit as gawd only knows when I'm gonna get that dreaded "connection problem" and subsequent disconnect. :icon_frow

    Look for me , I'm the one that glows yellow with the big red arrow pointing down and the words "SHOOT HERE" prominently displayed. :D
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    Re: Been a long time..might be able to get back into it now.

    I would seriously consider moving to another city, PR is worth it :D.
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