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  • Weekly Award winners!

    Lets kick off the new year right by congratulating our newest PR award winners


    Distinguished Engineer: Elemanoel
    Award Recommendation:Distinguished Engineer.

    Game: Battlefield 2 Project Reality Mod

    Nominee: elemanoel

    Time/Location: December 15/Seven Gates (British)

    As a member of my squad, elemanoel proved to be an excellent engineer and a solid CQB fighter. During an assault on the Courtyard CP, my squad was almost completely wiped out. The sole survivor was elemanoel, who infiltrated his way deep into the citadel. While infiltrating, elemanoel located and reported many of the enemy's commander assets and destroyed most of the Chinese mapper-set rally points, restricting the enemy's spawn location choices. For these actions, I am nominating elemanoel for the Combat Action award. Later, I led my squad in another assault on the Chinese position, this time from the northwest. Serving as the squad's engineer, elemanoel found two excellent places to set his grappling hook, enabling our squad to enter the enemy base without casualties. He then used his C4 to destroy the enemy command post he had located earlier. Finally, while capturing and defending the Citadel CP, elemanoel risked (and sacraficed) his life many times to repair the door to the Citadel CP. Thanks to elemanoel's dedication, our squad was able to hold the Citadel CP until the end of the game. For these actions, I am nominating elemanoel for the Distinguished Engineer award.

    Distinguished Special Operations:

    On The night of December 23rd, on the Mestia map, Turkish displayed himself under constant enermy fire to be an excellent special ops soldier and took out 9 enemy militia Rally points. I personally recommend him for this award, I was the commander at the time, and when one was spotting I would send him in to take them out (we would also do recon), and he did it. Perfectly Flawless, even under fire he would revive soldiers if that meant he couldn't put SLAMs on a RP and destroy it (only knifing it with certain kits). He definitely deserves this award, he was the catalyst for us Winning the map.

    Distinguished Armor: Dirtboy


    Distinguished Armor

    TG PR Public Password Night

    December 20, 2007

    During the beginning of the round our squad took the role of being responsible for armor. The begging of the round went slow then started to pick up pace. I was in dirts tank almost the entire round i will have to admit that it has been the greatest time i have ever tanked with anyone, ever. The entire time we were up we pretty much did patrols down the map killing every enemy we saw and supported all our guys which made us win the round. We shared 66 kills together with 62 being his own, he was gunning. I was the driver and i was so impressed with his communication with me and effectiveness against the enemy. We had everything throw against us, 4-5 HAT infantry, a couple of LAT, about 6 APCS and even a littlebird with those pesky hydras and with all this throw at us, we only died once and that was by a mine hidden in some high grass. His precision was amazing and we tore through all that came at us. Dirtboy secured the round for us and is the reason why we won that round.

    Distinguished Squad Leader: d1sp0sabl3H3r0

    Nominee: d1sp0sabl3H3r0

    Recommended Award: Distinguished Squad Leader

    Game/Server: TG BF2 Project Reality Server

    Place and Time: Thursday, December 14th. Approx. 10PM

    Nomination: I know I am fairly new to TG and PR but I have played enough mil-sim games to know a good leader when I see one. With that in mind I would like to nominate d1sp0sabl3H3r0 for the Distinguished Squad Leader ribbon. On the "Assault on Mestia" map, he consistently proved himself to be a more than competent Squad Leader. From his instructions before the start of the map, to his orders in the heat of battle, to his congratulations to the Squad after the win, he was always giving the right order at the right time. He knew exactly what was needed before we needed it and directed us to spawn with the exact kits we required to do the task at hand. He led us into battle and kept himself alive so we would be able to spawn on him. Specifically his direction of our squad in taking the Storage Facility.

    I am still getting used to PR and was a little confused on how the grappling hook was selected and operated. D1sp0sabl3H3r0 quickly gave me the rundown on how to operate the hook and what to do. I didn't get any flak for not knowing what to do, he just gave the instructions and I got it done. Once we were up on the upper level and had cleared the Facility, he stayed in the basement giving orders and ready to lend a hand when we went down or needed help. When we spotted an enemy, he immediately directed our fire to their location. He coordinated the whole squad so they we could defend the Storage Facility with the help of the other squad that was present. When the Commander wanted a bunker built outside, he instructed our squad to go outside and help with the construction and then back inside to defend the Facility.

    After the Storage Facility was secure, we were dispatched to the West Tower to defend it from attack. On our way d1sp0sabl3H3r0 stumbled across the enemy Commander Truck and he immediately put a demolition marker on it and I as Engineer, went to work on blowing it up. While I was doing that, d1sp0sabl3H3r0 sent the rest of the squad to destroy an enemy Rally Point nearby. From there we made it to the West Tower and successfully defended it against wave after wave of enemy attack. We took our losses but we gave more than we got and I believe that d1sp0sabl3H3r0's leadership skills had a lot to do with our success and the success of our team.

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    Re: Weekly Award winners!

    Nice job everyone. Congrats!


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      Re: Weekly Award winners!

      congrats to d1sp0sabl3 Im glad someone nominated him as I had been intending to for about a week now.. I agree 100% he is a gifted leader, any time I can make it into his squad, I know Im in for a good session..

      Good work to all the medal winners...


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        Re: Weekly Award winners!



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          Re: Weekly Award winners!

          Congrats to all. Well deserved!


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            Re: Weekly Award winners!

            Congratulations everyone! Looking forward to a great 2008 spent killing each of you...repeatedly!!! :)

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            No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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              Re: Weekly Award winners!

              Congratz all :).
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                Re: Weekly Award winners!

                Well done elemanoel & everyone

                I think I remember that round dirtboy was tanking, he was very hard to attack - a total pain :icon_lol:

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                  Re: Weekly Award winners!

                  Thumbs up!


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                    Re: Weekly Award winners!

                    woot! Well deserved!

                    I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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                      Re: Weekly Award winners!

                      congratumalations gentlemen!


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                        Re: Weekly Award winners!

                        ding level up! Gratz!

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                          Re: Weekly Award winners!

                          Randy = Ace ! - Warlab
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                            Re: Weekly Award winners!

                            Great work gentlemen.

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                              Re: Weekly Award winners!

                              Originally posted by llPANCHOll View Post
                              congrats to d1sp0sabl3 Im glad someone nominated him as I had been intending to for about a week now.. I agree 100% he is a gifted leader, any time I can make it into his squad, I know Im in for a good session..
                              second that !

                              congrats to all




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