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Attitude of Regulars

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  • Attitude of Regulars

    I know this topic has been covered in the past so i made this post at great digression in fear that i will get a bunch of "PM an ADMIN durrrrr." posts.

    After password night tonight the server loaded up a game of Qwai River (my favorite map). I was on USMC and my squad immediately moved across the river and got into the hills west of fishing village and tried to stop any enemy reinforcements from moving east while at the same time killing rally's. About 30 minutes in we were being supressed by a tank at which time a TOW humv pulls up and after some nifty maneuvering took the tank out, the humv was being driven by TGirr (I don't want to name any names specifically here so I'm just going to refer to him as Tgirr). I give a simple thanks in Team chat and my squad moves on.

    Another 30 minutes pass and i just happen to look up at team chat and see TGirr saying something along the lines of "What idiot took the TOW humv at main" obviously they eventually went down after taking out some enemy armor. My reply to this was "They are an idiot just because they took a vehicle? I'm pretty sure it's there for the entire team to use." At which point he replies that he has already taken out like 3 tanks and he uses assets wisely so he deserves to get it over whoever else took it. He had no idea who took it, he was calling them an idiot solely on the fact that they beat him to it. For all he knows, the guy he took it may have taken out tons of armor as well before dying just like him. He basically avoided the question i asked which was pretty simple, i just wanted to know why he felt he needed to call someone an idiot just because they beat him to a vehicle.

    Now in the guys defense this is the first time I've seen this particular person do anything like that but i do see it often from other "regulars", especially on maps with planes or helicopters (the people who do this are repeat offenders, meaning if i see them in a game with Planes or Choppers I can almost count on them insulting or begging whoever beats them to it to give them the vehicle) I just don't think it's very polite or TG like for people to think assets in game belong to them and insult others just because they beat them to it. You guys should be setting an example for others on the server, i thought that is what wearing the TG tag was all about.

    Forgive me if that was a jumbled mess, its almost 2:30 here and i have a pounding headache so it was pretty hard to focus.


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    Re: Attitude of Regulars

    im sure all of us have had our run in's with TG members not exactly following the rules. This then in turn causes non tg members to question the rules...then we get in trouble for questioning the rules. also totally off topic...when you kick for supporting members, is it at all possible to kick negative scores first? I think it really undermines the purpose of the server and all the rules it has to offer, when you kick people out of a squad that is really getting the job done. and dont let people us aa implacements against infantry :P thad be great. Now that ive stomped on diesels post i thank you all for your time yay!!


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      Re: Attitude of Regulars

      So long as you use the vehicle properly dont worry about it, it will happen every game that someone wants what you have got. If you keep on crashing or misusing it for transport maybe then you'd be in the wrong otherwise forget it :)

      Im still not sure score is an accurate judge of someones worth on the server tbh. Besides kicking for negative or lowest score first would just penalise those who had only just joined

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        Re: Attitude of Regulars

        Sounds like innaproppriate behaviour by a TG'er.

        But still, report such behaviour to an admin here and the issue will be taken up with the actual player.


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          Re: Attitude of Regulars

          Firstly: I'm not ashamed to admit publicly this was me. Secondly, in every case, there is one parties story, the other parties story and the truth.

          For all who have played with me you should all know that I am a fairly respectful player. Even if I'm in the worst of moods I have plenty time to teach a new player how to drive/gun a tank or explain a few handy tips.

          I was fairly annoyed because another player had already said over chat "please leave the TOW hummer for Headshot as replacement", I then also said over chat "please leave it as backup for us?". Maybe I was being too trusting or just plain stupid, but if I was not running in the TOW squad I would certainly have left it. Just the same as I would leave a tank for the tank squad or the jets for the jet squad. Just as any other respectful player should do.

          The other reason I was annoyed was because the TOW humvee was either ditched by a squad wanting to get to a flag quick or something else happened to it making it dissapear of the minimap in under a minute - I saw a humvee leaving the main on minimap when I was killed.

          I believe the language you used to describe how I said these things comes across very pompous and arrogant. I am neither of these and I find it hard to believe I said it in such a tone.

          I did not "avoid" the question. I simply stated a number of factors such as if you think it's better used as a quick transport for possibly even one lonewolf to get to a flag or as an anti-armour asset to help the troops on the ground and keep the PLA armour, which is their main strength at bay.

          Maybe I should have controlled myself better, but password night had just finished and the gameplay suddenly dropped so bad. The fact still remains though.

          The team would have gotten better use out of the humvee if they could have left it for the TOW squad and gotten rides from the helo's, regular hummvees, commander trucks or APC's.
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            Re: Attitude of Regulars

            If the squad was Named "Tow Hummer" than by all means it should be left for your squad.


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              Re: Attitude of Regulars

              This is has nothing to do with the example above but I too have noticed that some people think they OWN assets because they know how to use them. Public players barely have a chance to use a helicopter/jet/tank... I find this often disturbing and hate to see the same discussions over and over, that 's why you won't see me in a chopper even though I 'm pretty good at flying and love doing it.

              I respect specialized squads but I don't like the idea of creating squads named 'LB next round' and stuff like that. I wouldn't be surprised if someone shows up one of these days named 'Imtheuberleetpilotsoleaveallchopperstome' and thinks that gives him the right to fly all choppers.
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                Re: Attitude of Regulars

                I have been in a squad the past 2 days when the subject of the TOW humvees came up on the same map.
                The 1st day we actually ran as a squad supporting a TOW at the gas station near Govt. Center Flag. We took out a lot of armor there and held the bridge for a good part of the map. While there though, another TOW humvee with just a driver inside came hauling ass past us and headed for the bridge (we new from spotters there was armor moving up on the other side), and sure enough he got blown up as soon as he crossed the bridge. You can't tell me that you wouldn't be as annoyed as we were and Headshot was when you see that.
                Then yesterday, running in Fuzzhead's squad, we are moving in on fishing village quietly from the north, and a TOW comes hauling ass up by us, stops, and everyone jumps out and starts running for fishing. Surprise!!! There are 2 tanks there waiting, and when they see which direction the other squad came from they move up and find the TOW that was left out in the open. No more TOW.
                Point is, on that map where the US has no tanks, the TOW is an extremely important part if you expect to win the game, and should not be wasted over and over again.
                Everyone on the team should have been fussing at who ever wasted the TOW, from the SLs to the Commander. Might make them think twice about wasting it next time.


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                  Re: Attitude of Regulars

                  Funny, this sort of thing has been around a while now. The exact reason I stay a grunt and dont go for air or armor most times. I hate waiting in line for food too, but that is another story. But I will wait in line for a beer pretty long, interesting......
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                    Re: Attitude of Regulars

                    These things will usually happen more when the server has alot of new players on and/or players don't communicate properly.

                    Also, it's not always possible to read the text chat in the heat of battle, so things might slip by. VOIP comms is the only sure way to get messages through. So plans for running a specific resource squad should really go through the CO, he should then tell the other squads about the "TOW Hummer" squad.


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                      Re: Attitude of Regulars

                      I say always ask the CO before taking a vehicle after the round has started and go from there.

                      [EDIT] For clarity: Follow chain of command. Ask your SL before taking a vehicle and he should go up the chain to the CO. [/EDIT]
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                        Re: Attitude of Regulars

                        ^ You are both right, but here 's what happens most of the time:
                        1. Round starts without a commander
                        2. Squad 1 creates a squad named 'helo squad'
                        3. Squad 1 locks the squad and invites people
                        4. Player 'unnamed' wants an invite
                        5. Player 'unnamed' doesn't get an invite
                        6. Player 'unnamed' creates a squad named 'attack LB'
                        7. Round starts
                        8. Player 'unnamed' gets to the chopper first with a pilot kit and starts taking off
                        9. Squad 1 starts telling 'unnamed' to get out of the chopper
                        10. ...

                        There are no rules to determine who gets to fly so people just have to get along... which barely happens :).
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                          Re: Attitude of Regulars

                          Yes, that can happen and i see your point. But there are reasonable and mature solutions.

                          1. The experienced players on the server who see this happening and know what may happen next can step up as CO and try to control things
                          2. They can try to adress the players politely with text chat or joining the players squad and explaining things over VOIP.
                          3. They can accept that the other players for some reason won't listen and form a squad with some other objective. The other players might even join you if you call the squad "Learn TG" and start learning from you how to play the game right.


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                            Re: Attitude of Regulars

                            If you read the rules, you will see that vehicles are open to all UNLESS the comm says so. There is no reason to be condescending either way, simply ask politely and if someone is breaking the rules report it to an admin. TG players are expected to UPHOLD the rules, and that includes common courtesy. They are not above them.

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