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    The Situation:

    I join the sever, ROUND START. I see an AIR ONLY squad 5/6 ppl;
    2 Fighter Planes
    Attack Helicopter
    Transport Helicopter
    I kindly ask for an Invite to their squad 9its locked) at which I got a replay: sorry were full.

    Fine, I carry on playing, and suddenly a player leaves their squad, so I still carry on, knowing hopefully should an invite be made, the SL would be mature enough to invite me. As ive been waiting since the start. Anyway, after another 4 minutes, I notice that their whole squad was shot down, all helicopters destroyed etc, so I ask for an invite again (I know that I am a good gunner and I can coordinate that ATT Chopper better than most ppl out ther, for the record last time I did play that map: I had a 100-2 Score),

    This time, what I see is that the AIR ONLY squad has 6/6 ppl, mostly TG-Irr and TG. I didnt get mad or anything, but where is the logic here? That if I stop now and make a "MIG FIGHTER" squad now and lock it, that I hold greater control of the Fighter Plane asset? What gives them the right to contol who gets to fly and not leave it to free choice, sure enough theres no space for everyone, but at least keep it: first come, first serve.

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    Let me explain

    out of the 4 air assets, they already have 5 pilots. and 1 engi for the transport. why would they need yet another pilot? it may seem rude, but making an insulting post here solves nothing.

    Boasting about your skill level does not gain you any preference in the eyes of a commander. If the commander alloted the Air Assets to the Air squad then that's that. On the TG server you follow the chain of command.

    I understand your frustration but you're walking on thin ice making a thread about it, and blaming Irregulars. We already have enough drama in game.

    I'm trying to remain impartial on this. If you have an issue take it up with an admin via teamspeak.


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      Re: SQUADS and ASSETS

      When You start a Squad for a certain asset, you have priority over all the assets that squad covers, and AIR squad has primary control over all AIR assets if you want to use one you must ask and they must approve your request. Now, the way you treat people has a great deal of who lets you use what. if you're a nice person, willing to help the team and NOT just use assets but ground pound too. and you dont call people Imbecils and the likes you are much more likely to be let into a squad of that sort. when you tell people they aren't good at what they're doing and when you crash a chopper just after telling them they where no good at it. you won't make many friends, and you won't be invited to join an assets squad very often if at all. dont insult people, become known as a good FRIEND and Squad leader/Tactician. and the people on the server will probably let you into those squads alot more


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        Re: SQUADS and ASSETS

        Bottom line is that the commander assigns assets. It is possible that they were simply refusing to give you invite because they are a bunch of big meanies, but I doubt that is the case. There is A LOT of things going on in TS, it's very possible that they had people joining the game that they wanted to invite. It's very hard to know exactly why someone does not extend an invite to you. I wouldn't take it so personally, we all get denied at some point. Even people in the same IHS get denied invites. Most the time it is for a legitimate reason. I would suggest spending more time reading some of the SOP's and rules, than creating threads like this. All of questions have been answered in the past.

        Also, nobody really cares about your score(at least I don't). Once you read all the SOP's and rules you shall come to the understanding that we play for teamwork and fun, rather than "Look at my score! OmG i R teH 1337zorZZZZZZZZ!!!!111111"

        Hope your search is fruitful and eye opening.



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          Re: SQUADS and ASSETS

          i'm beginning to think we are going to see a new thread every time this Player is unhappy or doesn't get his/her way.....

          or am i alone on this..?lol


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            Re: SQUADS and ASSETS

            Thread closed for now. The admins are going to put together a comprehensive guide to asset allocation very soon.

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