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Dedicated squads & use of assets

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  • Dedicated squads & use of assets

    I have seen several posts about this type of thing and to be honest I am still confused. I am referring to dedicated pilot squads, armour etc. Whilst the tactical side of me thinks yes, often the guys that self nominate themselves as these designated squads are possibly the best people to use the assets it doesn't seem that fair to the rest of the team. How is anyone else expected to demonstrate an ability to fly/tank etc if they are told hands off that's mine. I have heard it suggested that this is ok because the 'Commander has designated that asset to my squad'. The problem the other players have with that is as follows, one guy goes commander, buddy sets up squad, Commander 'here you go buddy, you can use all the vehicles, helos etc'.

    I think this theory holds up as you will see the same people using the same assets over and over.
    I realise that this is to a degree is both natural and desirable in a lot of cases as some players specialise, I also see the occasional instance of it's 'MINE' madness. Occasionally the player concerned seems to believe they have exclusive access to the 'toys' on the map and gets abusive if someone attempts to use any of the equipment available to the whole team. This is often condoned as encouraging tactical play, the person attempting to use the asset without the express permission of these elite quartermasters is clearly a non tactical noob.

    Now please don't misunderstand my post whilst this may sound like a whine it genuinely isn't. What I am trying to clarify is where do we stand on this.

    The problem is further complicated by the fact that often the only players that attempt to snatch these assets away from the dedicated squads are players that will waste them. How many times have we seen inexperienced pilots take an empty helo leaving decent pilots on the ground, watching open mouthed as uberpilot flips his bird, literally, into a heap of spectators and other assets.

    I am not a pilot, anyone seeing my attempts to fly will confirm, nor am I happy taking tanks or apc's. I am an infantryman and that’s about it, I don't even like taking HAT in case I miss. However I am sure there are guys out there that would like use these various assets in game. Who knows some of them might even be half decent.

    Can the dedicated squads perhaps ensure that they are open to players that want to fulfil the same roles they do. I know this is going to be really tricky as how do you know they are not going to total the asset. I suppose the answer is you don't and it's not actually your call. The assets are there for the team. Everybody gets shot by HAT, or crashes etc and it's not just you that had the genuine excuse or reason.

    My reason for thinking about this is that I did something similar recently that led to a 'discussion' with a very nice guy, a player who I respect, about the above subject. Whilst our discussion was to some degree based on a misunderstanding, I was trying to return the asset when I screwed up(and I do mean screw up, not just one helo down) it did get me thinking. I am not new on the server but I am not really established(or whatever you want to call it) and very much consider myself to be on the learning curve. With 0.7 we will see an influx of new players and as someone pointed out only the other day we were all new once, many of us still are. I think we need to be a bit more open and bring people along with us. Helping people to learn to use assets properly is surely part of the service we should offer at TG, even in game if necessary. Kudos on the pilot school idea.

    By way of a conciliatory gesture I am not having a go at dedicated squads. It's probably the only way to use the assets appropriately and I actually quite like having someone ferry me around, knowing that barring a disaster I am going to arrive in one piece. I hope this post makes sense, as I said I am still learning PR and the TG way every time I play and my questions on this are all part of trying to learn to play the right way. Cheers.
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    Re: Dedicated squads & use of assets

    TG does offer training at TGU (Tactical Gamer University).

    We're working on some new classes to incorporate all of the changes in .7 and to try to accommodate the influx of new players to the mod and server. Look for some stuff coming up soon.
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      Re: Dedicated squads & use of assets

      Since I play CO a lot, I figured I'd give you my opinion on how I manage this:

      - If a squad is formed that's called "Armor" or "Attack Helo", etc. then I will reserve that equipment for them. However, there are two conditions that I look for. The first is that they allow other interested people in their squad (as long as it makes sense). Obviously I don't need six people in a helo transport squad on Operation Ghost Train when we only have one helo. Secondly, the squad must perform effectively in that role.


      - If they don't allow people in and I feel a second squad wouldn't negatively affect the team, then I allow a second squad to be formed. Then they'll have to share the assets anyway, so it's really the SL's best interest to have everyone in one squad.

      - If they don't perform well and it's obvious that they haven't practiced enough (on private servers, single player, etc.), then I will assign them a new role and allow another squad to use that equipment and see how they do.

      So basically... If you want to be a dedicated squad you need to allow people to join (as long as it makes sense) and please know what you're doing.

      If you look at Tempus' reply in this thread (, it looks like TG is developing a policy to better cover dedicated squads and use of assets. But in the meantime, I feel this is a fair way to delegate assets, ensure the team is benefiting, and be fair to everyone.


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        Re: Dedicated squads & use of assets

        i hear you wick..


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          Re: Dedicated squads & use of assets

          The admin team is currently working on guidelines for locked specialty squads, so stay tuned!

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            Re: Dedicated squads & use of assets

            Let's give the admin team a chance to respond to the other thread referenced. They should clear up the issue. Once that is done, these threads can be re-opened for discussion. We just don't want any confusion about the issue before the admin team has a chance to clarify.
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