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Map rotation?

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  • Map rotation?

    Is it just me or is Ejod Desert, Qwai River and Al Kufrah Oilfield are the only maps on the rotation?

    I know that we have more but with the sever crashes thoses are the maps we ever play.

    Here a the maps I didth play since .7 came out on TG and would like to see:
    -Sunset City 64
    -Gulf of Oman 64
    -Bi Ming 64
    -Al Basara

    Please fix this ... or I may turn crazy! :madsmile:

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    Re: Map rotation?

    Like I said a million times before...type maplist.list in your console. That will bring up the map list.

    -Sunset is played often, but it lasts only about 30 minutes because its a small map.
    -Gulf of Oman: Never again! Smacktard's come to this map like crackheads on aluminum cans.
    - Bi Ming is played but the vast majority don't really like this map. It is quickly changed when I ask everyone if they want the map changed.
    -Al Basrah: Crashes the server!
    -The reason eEJOD is played alot is because its on twice on the server...the 16 and 64 player versions. When the server restarts, the first map is EJOD 16 so the server can get seeded. No one wants to join a fresh server when its a 64 player map and 2 people are in it.

    Don't complain about the map list, we try and spread all maps out (Desert, Jungle, Urban and Open). Our goal is to play maps that MOST people enjoy.

    *Thread locked!*
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