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Great guide on Blackhawk extraction! (For the Infantry)

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  • Great guide on Blackhawk extraction! (For the Infantry)

    Yesterday, on password night, I joined the server while it was running Kashan desert. I get into Alpha squad which had one blackhawk, I hopped in the second blackhawk and I did a nice extraction for squad 3 (don't remember the squad leader name) that need a ride from North Bunker. My SL's was relaying information to the Commander, Squad 3 did the same and SL's gave me the order!

    Today I found this thread on the forum. That's a great guide to any ppl who want a pickup from a chopper!

    I liked the image he made alot! Very clear and funny!

    I decided to post this because of yesterday pickup I did... I found it very nice and organized! What SQUAD 3 have to say on this?

    To resume, when you want a transport
    #1 Ask to CO or on the CHAT if it's available
    #2 Regroup your squad on SL position
    #3 Ask for pickup
    #4 Pop out smoke to give a "smoke wall" that would potentially obscure the view from any enemy infantry/tank/apc. ( DO NOT SMOKE THE LANDING ZONE )
    #5 Move behind the smoke at 5-10m of a open area (LZ)... ALL TOGETHER!
    #6 Let the blackhawk LAND or STABILIZE before trying to get inside! ( get in by the SIDE DOOR )
    #7 Don't RIP OFF the mini gun!!!!
    #8 Tell where you want to go to CO or textchat.

    So... if you have a good pilot in control... all of this should be good!

    Cya on the server!
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    Re: Great guide on Blackhawk extraction! (For the Infantry)

    Good stuff!

    Also, to prevent confusion and long VOIP transmissions. The SL needing extraction should put his move marker on where he wants to be picked up. This ensures his squad members join up on that mark AND it helps the CO see where he needs to send the chopper. Once the CO acknowledges the pick-up location, then the SL should put his move marker on where he'd like to be dropped off (so the CO can once again coordinate with the helo pilot with minimal confusion).




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