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Evolution of a squadleader?

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  • Evolution of a squadleader?

    Howdy all,

    I wanted to thank everybody on my team(s) on the server last night for a great couple/few/several (ok, MANY) rounds. I felt like things really started to "gel" for me in the "TG way" (Tao de TG?), as I finally cut my teeth as squadleader for a round or two, and brought my game up a few notches as _squad_ medic.

    Some favorite highlights:

    It started on Bi Ming (It was a dark and stormy night...). I was in hgl420divison's squad and basically stuck near him, keeping him alive and healthy. That was a tough map and he was a good SL. hgl got disconnected, leaving me surprised to find myself squad leader. As I spent the round sticking near him, and watching/listening carefully, I thought, what the heck -- I'll give it a go. It seemed to go decently, and then the round ended shortly after.

    Next, on Daqing Oilfields, I joined a squad as medic (again), and quickly realized the SL did not have mic, and did not type or use the automatic PageUp/Dn Yes/No. Jokingly, I said I'd shadow the SL and try to "read his mind" and relay his plans to the squad. This worked for a while, and the other SMs started working well together. Then I noticed that the SL was driving a support truck around, away from East Oil, where we all were. I realized I was directing things a bit, and it was working well enough.

    Next round, Fools Road, I think. I made a squad called "Mindread" and tried out my newly stolen SL "credentials". Things seemed to go well and I had a great squad, as well as a very active and responsive CO. We took and held Train depot for a while, until my mic went out (and I started noticing that people weren;t responding to my voice commands anymore...). Thanks to a great squad and CO there.

    Ended the night back as squad medic on Jabal Al Burj in a fantastic squad lead by a "420..." ? (Sorry I forgot another name). We basically scratched and clawed our way from East Beach to East Burj, to West Burj. The SL had me backing a SAW gunner (think his name was USMC Cook?) as he lay down supporting fire. I even got a chance to put the "combat" back in combat medic, like following SL around a corner, SL gets popped, and I took out the enemy and then still got the revive.

    Anyhow, I'm sorry I don't remember all your names, but I had a blast.

    So, if this sounds familiar, thanks, and sorry I forgot your names (I must rely on my squadmates to remember...). I'd be happy to hang back, turn a wrench, or pick up a shovel with you...unless I'm medic ;)

    And if you've read this far, you'll now appreciate that while I don't play very often, I play more than I post. Cheers!

    I'll take medic,

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    Re: Evolution of a squadleader?

    Hi, welcome to TG! Hope to see you on the server soon, is Diligent your in-game name as well?
    |TG-Irr| westyfield

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      Re: Evolution of a squadleader?

      It's great when you get some good games going on.
      Sounds like you did a pretty good job as SL, keep it up, makes the game so much better when you have a good SL.
      If I see your squad I'll be sure to jump in.


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        Re: Evolution of a squadleader?

        Hey what's up man!!!

        I must said that you were a FANTASTIC medic!!! You revived me at least 4-5 times and healed me the double!!! You where always in my tail which I liked pretty much knowing there was a medic that could revive me if something goes wrong!

        It suck I got disconnected for I don't know what reason (don't remember)...

        anyway... All I can say is good work with your medic skill! eheh
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          Re: Evolution of a squadleader?

          *cough* remember that there is no requirement of post count, SM status, or anything else to write someone a ribbon nomination if you feel they do an outstanding job! See the green link in my sig for more details.

          On topic: Glad to see you around Dilligent! I know picking up the reins as squad leader for the first time can be a bit intimidating, but if you just stick with it and learn the tricks from the guys that know how, you'll be running your squad in style in no time flat. Feel free to jump in my squad any time I've got one. Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


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            Re: Evolution of a squadleader?

            Welcome to the forums! There are very few moments in gaming that can compare to getting a squad that just "gels". I'm thrilled to see that you enjoyed your SL'ing experience.

            Like Ferris said guys it just takes a couple of minutes to write that ribbon nomination!
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              Re: Evolution of a squadmember?

              Hey all,

              Thanks for the comments.

              Yup, in-game name is the same: diligent_bf2.

              In a way, maybe this thread should have been "evolution of a squadmember/player", as part of it is that in trying to be squadleader made me a better SM/player overall. (I'm picturing one of those "evolution" images, with the succession from ape to Neanderthal to upright human, except with TG at the end.)

              Great mod, great server, and great players.

              I advise everyone to try SLing. Heck, I'll even join your squad and back you up as medic.





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