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  • Weekly Award Winners!

    I know that it has been awhile in announcing this weeks awardee's...but I am trying to pawn this off;)


    Distinguished Support: Delta*RandyShugart*

    Who: Delta*RandyShugart*
    What: Distinguished Support Ribbon
    Where: Tactical Gamer .7 PR server/Ejod Desert
    When: January 8, 2008


    While making an crucial Defense on the West Flag, Randy showed great skill and knowledge when using his M249. Unlike most people who request this kit, he knows all the aspects of the Support role. Suppressing fire, ammo, and tons of kills! I assigned him a field of fire and ordered him to watch his sector at all times. Wave after wave of enemy assaults were cut short due to his skill. When a friendly got critically wounded, he provided much needed suppressing fire so the individual can be revived and moved to a safe location. Always mindful on our squads ammo situation, he would regularly ask everyone their status on ammo. Without him on the SAW, I am almost positive that we would have lost this flag.

    The Distinctive Accomplishments of Delta*RandyShugart* brings great credit upon himself, Tactical Gamer and the PR community!

    Distinguished Air Cavalry: Darth Disco

    Recommended Award: Distinguished Air Cavalry

    Game/Server: Battlefield 2 PR

    Place and Time: Kashan 64 / January 14-15, 2008 / Ending at 00:15 EST Jan 15

    Nomination: During Kashan 64, DarthDisco performed the essential function of Blackhawk pilot for US Forces. Twice during the match he performed flawless extrications for my squad, with lightning fast landings and take-offs. He also avoided direct routes over enemy positions and transported our squad to the landing zone unscathed, twice! In addition to troop transports, he also was extremely effective at dropping off supplies to forward operating locations. At one point our squad was defending MEC Outpost and DarthDisco swooped in at 10 feet and dropped an ammo crate, then departed the area... all within 10 seconds. The whole squad was amazed at his skills and his teamwork. At the end of the match, at least three other TG members praised his abilities and impeccable timing. DarthDisco sets the bar for other transport pilots and I wholeheartedly nominate him for the Distinguished Air Cavalry ribbon!

    Here is the profile that showed up when I clicked on his name on the server list:

    And here is the closest I could find on the TG Forum Member's List:

    Distinguished Armor: Grounded_Pilot

    Recommended Award: Distinguished Armor

    Game/Server: TG Project Reality Server

    Place and Time: January 16th Fools Road

    Nomination: I would like to nominate A_Grounded_Pilot for the "Distinguished Armor" award for his role as Squad Leader and Driver of Brittish Armored Personel Carrier, on Fools Road. Communicating with Infantry Squads on Teamspeak, we managed to transport Disposables and Fuzzheads squads into and out of combat zones, while posting up in defensive positions while Flags were being captured by said squads. His spotting of approaching enemy infantry was clear and concise, and following his instincts, kept us and our passengers safe the entire match. I died once in the last minute of the match. We killed counless Infantry and Technicals, One confirmed Tank Kill, and 2 assists. At one point we had to flee our burning APC, jump into an abandoned boat and return to base for another APC and we were back in action. We won that round, but without his flawless execution of the role of APC Driver, I believe it could have gone the other way.

    Distinguished Commander: Dirtboy

    Name: |TG-6th|Dirtboy
    Map/Date: Assault on Mestia/Al Kufrah - 19 JAN 07
    Nomination: Distinguished Commander
    AAR: Dirtboy took the helm of the British team on Mestia, which is a notoriously bad map for the Brits. Matter of fact, I have never seen them win until that round. Dirtboy began orchestrating a coordinated offensive from the very beginning, having all squads attack West, then assigning certain squads to defense while the bulk of the team was assigned to attack East. The team gelled under his command and worked as a flawless unit.

    East and West fell, followed by Supply and Munitions, where the team dug in and held while Dirtboy stretched himself beyond human limits to erect firebases and bunkers all over the map, continually having them destroyed by the militia, only to pop right back up with his support. His determination to win never flinched and as such, the British team enjoyed what I am sure is the first victory they've had since the release of 0.7.

    The following round on Al Kufrah, Dirtboy again grabbed the command seat and organized the armor into two teams while orchestrating a strong infantry push to each of the middle ground flags. Again, he furiously built defenses for our team to fall back on as we made a steady push forward. Never missing a beat, anytime the battle scenario changed, he was on top of it before anyone could even catch wind of what was happening and adjusting his strategy accordingly. Within the span of 25 minutes, he led the push to take their main flag and they fell.

    Dirtboy deserves this commendation as he time and again proves his aptitude and agility as a leader, not just in a squad sense, but in his ability to master the battlefield as a whole and lead teams to victory where so many others have failed before him. Truly a top notch commander and deserving of the Distinguished Commander honors.

    Distinguished Armor: Liquid.Watch

    Recommended Award: Distinguished Armor Ribbon

    Game/Server: TG

    Place and Time: Fools Road. Jan 08, 2008. [Militia]

    Nomination: I joined TG-Irr Liquid Watch's squad upon spawning into the server. He was currently in a one man squad as the others were full. Meeting him at the Militia Main Base, we found a Spandrel that I crewed as his driver. Leaving the Main we proceeded very haltingly due to some difficulties I was having with my first Spandrel drive, down the road towards the Helicopter Air Base. Before we had proceeded to far I accidently overturned the Spandrel forcing us to spawn in again at Main where we found a tank. I drove again with Liquid Watch gunning and commanding the tank. For the next 2.5 + hours Liquid Watch displayed the finest set of tanking skills I have ever had the pleasure to witness in Project Reality. Supporting infantry assaults, gunning down enemy armor, knocking out an enemy helicopter, and supporting hgl_420_division who had joined our squad mid-match as a "wambushing" engineer... Liquid Watch achieved a k/d ratio of 123-2 in a very long match. Repeatedly placing our tank in the optimum position for maximum effect, there was no facet of armor usage at which Liquid Watch didn't both perform and excel.

    It is my honor and pleasure to recommend TG-Irr Liquid Watch for the Distinguished Armor Ribbon.

    Thank You.

    Distinguished Medic: Druulen
    I would also like to reccommend |TG| Druwel (i am not exactly sure how to spell his name) For the medic badge/ribbon (not sure which one he has or if he has any) for his excellent medic skills while under fire. He single handedly kept us alive, spawning as a medic, reviving us under fire, and making our advancements easier without question.

    This by far was the most fun I have had on the TG server since the release of 0.7 and ranks up there in the top 3 rounds of all Time on TG's PR server, due to dirtboy and to Druwel (sp?) and to the rest of my squaddies.

    Valorous Unit: Turkish,AFSoccer,Broomish,=Overlord=,Caffeine

    Names: |TG-Irr|Turkish, |TG-Irr|Broome (Broomish), |TG|=Overlord=, |TG-6th|AFSoccer, |TG|Caffeine
    Map/Date: Al Kufrah - 19 JAN 07

    AAR: On Al Kufrah, I formed an armor squad and was joined by the aforementioned gentlemen. The squad was divided into two taks to work as a cohesive unit with Broomish, Myself and Overlord in one tank, Soccer, Turkish and Caffeine in the other. I directed the squad to move south along the map border and approach the enemy at Oil Storage. There we were engaged by two enemy tanks and two enemy APCs, as well as taking fire from enemy anti-tank troops.

    My squad worked seamlessly together, alternating fire with our two tanks while our engineers furiously repaired any damage we took. The squad knew instinctively to work together as a unit rather than dividing forces and getting blown to pieces. One tank would move while the other covered the flank, leapfrogging up the map while we supported infantry movement below our position on the flag. Dirtboy (commanding) continuously called on us for armor support, to which the squad never failed to respond with ferocity and determination. The squad's superior performance is undoubtedly a key piece to the victory that we earned over the MEC forces, as we would undoubtedly have been overrun with lesser tank crews doing the job.

    It is because of their determination, quick thinking and ability to play tactically, strategically, and smartly that I nominate these gentlemen for the Distinguished Armor ribbon. Without such a fine group of Armor Jockeys, we would have been staring down the barrel of defeat rather than tasting sweet victory.

    Distinguished Squad Leader: Crawlingeye

    Recommended Award:
    Distinguished Squad Leader and/or Distinguished Drill Instructor

    Tactical Gamer, Project Reality Server

    Place and Time:
    Thuesday 15th January, aprox 2100h GMT+1.
    Quinling Oilfields [sp?]

    I would like to nominate CrawlingEye to Distinguished Squad Leader and/or Distinguished Drill Instructor based on the following.

    The team I was playing were playing as the USMC. CrawlingEye creates a squad which fill up during the waiting-time before the game starts. Besides CrawlingEye, there was only one other name that I recognized, and concluded that the rest of the SM was pubbies.

    However…CrawlingEye tell us to spawn on US town and do also inform that before doing anything else, the squad will go through a couple of exercises on the open field west of the town. After spawning in, the entire squad move out. CrawlingEye quickly divide the squad into fireteam A and fireteam B [with three players in each]. Following the commands of CrawlingEye the two squads starts to leap-frog [with one fireteam supporting the other] across the field, heading west. Once we get to a certain location, CrawlingEye explain to the squad that one fireteam will put down suppressive fire on some trees about 150m away while the other fireteam are to flank those trees from the right. This work as a charm, and each of every squadmember do exactly what he/she is supposed to do.

    The squad later starts to move out against western oilfields, and CrawlingEye call out column-formation and select a point man. Those not getting it at first get a quick, friendly and crystal-clear explanation from CrawlingEye on what column-formation is, and the squad starts to move out. Every time the squad stops to move, CrawlingEye call out fields of observation [360 degress], but also take the time to “educate” those not familiar with the use of degrees when observing.

    An attack on western oilfields [which was held by the Chinese] was attempted using the method of one fireteam laying down a suppressive fire from the high ground SW of the flag while the other fireteam move in on the target.

    Now, this behavior continued during the entire map, and the squad did move over most of the map and most flags, and also under stressful situations [such as the squad coming under fire, getting ambushed etc]. It was pretty much what I imagine a TGU-class to be, but this was made during game and CrawlingEye kept the squad extremely organized and together. I personally find that with the arrival of 0.7 should such behavior be rewarded, especially since I cannot recall CrawlingEye had to ask where a SM was because the squad was always within a radius of 40 meters of him. The squad never engaged enemies without having been organized first, nor did the squad take unnessecary casualties since CrawlingEye managed to establish a very fine tuned level of discipline.

    What impressed me with CrawlingEye was how he could get six guys who have probably never played in the same squad before [and of which three probably were pubbies] to work as a highly organized and efficient squad. When the round was coming to an end did pretty much everyone in the squad say that it had been one of their best rounds ever, even though it had consisted of 85% training and movement and only 15% of actually seeing/shooting at the enemy. It is difficult to explain everything that happen during a round, but I am also of the opinion that CrawlingEye was a perfect “poster-boy” for the Tactical Gamer-community and its ways, and that thanks to him most probably those pubbies return and play a constructive part in future games. I do think that the squadleading, and attitude, that CrawlingEye displayed to the squad is what make people want to be a part of TG.

    Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions regarding these nomination. An AAR does not excist at this moment, even though that CrawlingEye did indicate that he perhaps would write one.
    "Dirtboy is super awesome, and chicks dig him too!"- Everyone

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    Re: Weekly Award Winners!

    Congratulations to all!


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      Re: Weekly Award Winners!

      Congrats everyone!

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      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        Re: Weekly Award Winners!

        GJ guys!

        Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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          Re: Weekly Award Winners!

          congrats guys!!
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            Re: Weekly Award Winners!

            Good Job guys.


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              Re: Weekly Award Winners!

              My hat is off to you gentlemen! Congratulations!


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                Re: Weekly Award Winners!

                Congratulations all of you!
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                  Re: Weekly Award Winners!




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                    Re: Weekly Award Winners!

                    Wow, lots of ribbons... great work all!
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                      Re: Weekly Award Winners!

                      Congrats to myself, and everyone else ;)


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                        Re: Weekly Award Winners!

                        Grats Folks
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                          Re: Weekly Award Winners!

                          Good job everyone!

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                            Re: Weekly Award Winners!

                            Nice work Gentlemen, well deserved.




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