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  • New Spec Op's Kit!

    I am excited about this new Special Forces kit. Maybe this time, it will be used as it was intended:)

    * Carbine-8+1 mags
    * Silenced Pistols 3+1 mags - stealth is your best friend when alone and behind enemy lines.
    * SLAMs 60s timer x4 - more SLAMs and also more time to plant them and get out.
    * C4 remote detonated - flashbangs are out and one pack of C4 is in to deal with the bigger assets.
    * Parachutes - air drop insertions are back, but remember that you can't open your parachute too close to the ground.
    * Field dressings x3 - you have to count mostly on yourself when wounded. This will help you stay alive.
    * GLTD (SOFLAM) - any player will be able to send the LASER TARGET radio message, no matter if he's a Squad Leader or Squad Member.
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    Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

    just saw this on the PR forums...

    only real benefit i see is the parachutes+field dressings

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      Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

      It seems properly balanced now.
      For being a special operations kit.
      Things will get interesting now at enemy rear flags that have bunkers.
      They won't be safe.


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        Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

        Thank god these are limited or otherwise everyone would be running around with them. Glad to see they'll finally serve a purpose though.

        Biggest thing I can predict: tanks on kashan are going to hate specops guys now. Blackhawk can fly up to 500-600m out of visual range, do a high altitude drop off with a specops guy or two and the tanks start getting lit up like christmas trees.


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          Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

          Oh, this is almost as good as the Patriots losing the Super Bowl!

          This is actually great news. The SLAMs were too limited to do any real damage which is why Sabotage squads were always Engineers. The silenced pistol is also huge.
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            Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

            They forgot the rope/ grappling hook! How can they forget that... a sniper team (spec ops <spotter> + sniper) usually needs access to otherwise inaccessible vantage points, e.g. rooftops w/o ladder access, that only the rope can allow.

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              Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

              Yea Ive thought grappling hook in the past too, for a non frontal attack

              Will they still get the m4 full auto thing and be limited to 2 per team.

              How about a silenced M4 or is that too much, I guess thats more a sniper thing
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                Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                I think more maps need tree stands like mestia has. Sniper paradise.


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                  Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                  me wantee!!!!
                  silenced, parachut, c44 , slam....
                  THIS IS HEAVEN!!!
                  PS: no mines?
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                    Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                    Just they way I have been wanting it all along! :D

                    You can finally take out lone infantry with your pistola!

                    4 slams with a 1 minute timer is definately awesome as well!

                    Parachute! I am so stoked!


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                      Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                      Rifleman Support, Officer, Special Forces, Engineer, Marksman and Medic. (marksman or medic optional to be replaced by more engineers or removed for a solid 5 or 4 man squad instead)

                      This is the dream team kit wise for a rear area interdiction. Roads thought safe are no longer safe. Bunkers in the rear are no longer safe. Parked Enemy vehicles at bases are no longer safe.

                      I haven't done a Spec Ops run in a long long time. I might have to give it a go at some point now.
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                        Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                        Nice, I'm looking forward to some Spec. Ops. squads and some nice BlackHawk insertions. Should be fun!


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                          Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                          Sounds like a job for the Little Bird.

                          I'd like to see the Combat Engineer get the shotgun back. I want so serious hitting power at close range when some pesky enemy tries to shoot me while I'm fixing vehicles etc.


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                            Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                            Originally posted by Ferris Bueller View Post
                            Thank god these are limited or otherwise everyone would be running around with them. Glad to see they'll finally serve a purpose though.
                            It'll be a shame that the same people that currently grab snipers/marksmen/HAT and don't use them properly will be grabbing these when they find out they have 4 SLAMs so the kits won't be put to any use. With a kits like this a commander approval only looks warranted.

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                              Re: New Spec Op's Kit!

                              Finally a silencer... about time!!

                              Now I might actually try this class for once :).
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