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  • Weekly award winners

    Please congratulate the following players on their achievements!

    Distinguished Squad Leader: Delta*RandyShugart*

    Who: Delta*RandyShugart*
    What: Distinguished Squad Leader Ribbon
    Where: Tactical Gamer .7 PR server Password Night/Kashan Desert
    When: January 27, 2008


    Randy kind of got thrown into the SL position when the his previous SL disconnected. I relied heavily on him and his squad to hold and defend South Bunker. After repelling several enemy advancements, I ordered him to attack South Village fiercely. After gathering his squad he proceeded to the move marker and held fast for Armor Support. After a successful neutralization of the flag, I ordered the Armor to move out and help with the advancement on the next flag. He was there by himself, with only one tank to support him. The flag was soon capped and we proceeded on the MEC outpost flag. But by this time, the MEC massed a fierce counter-assault. They rolled in with tanks, APC's, and AAV's. They were also attached with at least two enemy infantry squads.

    His squad was the only one in the area that could do anything. After stopping several advancements, he was soon overcome. This did not phase him one bit! After gathering his squad up again, he assaulted that same flag with a vengeance. After calling in several Laser Designation strikes, the armor was soon a thing of the past. He rolled into the village clearing the enemy out and capped the flag back for us.

    The Distinctive Accomplishments of Delta*RandyShugart* brings great credit upon himself, Tactical Gamer and the PR community!

    Distinguished Squad Leader (Class 4): DirtBoy

    I would like to recommend Dirtboy for the Distinguished Squad leader Class IV badge after his flawless squad leadership yesterday Jan. 9 2007 on the EJOD Desert 64 player map that occurred around 530ish and lasted until 645ish pm time. We were the USMC squad.

    During this map, Dirtboy used his real life leadership skills and tactics and provided us with information and training on how to secure a defensive perimeter around the west city flag. At one point our entire squad was able to counter attack numerous attempts by the MEC team to infiltrate the West City flag. It was with his leadership skills that we were able to cover one another from crossing streets, to setting up a strong perimeter of defense. I was the SAW gunner and he showed me some key points on how to strafe a street and to make the other MEC players go to side streets where they were cut down to pieces by other members of our squad.

    We were then able to take east city and hold it, and eventually moved to the Gardens flag, where we held down an attack, and were eventually thwarted via tank shells, but the infantry could not stop us.

    It was here that I learned some key tactics that I will now use on maps to come. Our communications were easy to one another pointed out the necessary info, and not drowning out the comms. He setup points for all of us to cover, and because of that, our squad A) Were able to be the best squad on the USMC side (even though we all squadded up with him well into the map) and B) had the lowest deaths on the round. He definitely deserves this medal.

    Well deserved and well done!

    Remember, if one of your teammates is doing a spectacular job, nominate them for a ribbon! There is a link in my signature for sending in nominations. It only takes a few minutes to do, but the feeling of pride from being recognized by your peers for excellence lasts forever!
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    Re: Weekly award winners

    Congratulations to you both!

    Shugart, what amazing SL progress! I remember you saying about a month ago (after 0.7 just came out) that you were only just starting to regularly squad lead.. now a distinguished SL ribbon. Well deserved!

    Dirtboy, King of the 'tight' squad!


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      Re: Weekly award winners

      Congrats guys, Shugart and Dirtboy are two of the best Squad Leaders here, and definitely deserve their ribbons!

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        Re: Weekly award winners

        Congratulations Gentlemen! Well deserved on both counts!


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          Re: Weekly award winners

          Congrats guys.


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            Re: Weekly award winners



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              Re: Weekly award winners

              Thank you guys, it means a lot, I have only become a better player at Project Reality because of each and everyone of you. Thanks again and I am looking forward to learning more and helping others learn more as well. There is no "I" in Team but there is an "I" in, the best PR server in the world!
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                Re: Weekly award winners

                Congratulations guys! Hope to be lucky enough to get into a squad with one of you.
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                  Re: Weekly award winners

                  Thanks guy!
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                    Re: Weekly award winners

                    Congrats guys!


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                      Re: Weekly award winners

                      Great work you guys !



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                        Re: Weekly award winners



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                          Re: Weekly award winners

                          Wow !!! Another One!!!
                          Congratulations Guys!!!
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                            Re: Weekly award winners

                            Originally posted by thegreatnardini View Post
                            Congrats guys, Shugart and Dirtboy are two of the best Squad Leaders here, and definitely deserve their ribbons!
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