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  • What not to do...

    Im a swede.... =)

    We started as MEC at Al Burgh, I jumped in as a gunner in one of the tanks in B2.
    Of course the whole squad was americans talkin american...
    We went south to attack south village, and I was thinking...
    "-Why are they going so close and fast to MEC base... thats a bit scary...".
    I was already of the belief I was in a challanger, me old 52 year stupid brain...

    Then I saw a MEC chopper comin at a nice distance over the ridge to south village, and I shouted at the driver:
    "-Full stop" Full stop!"
    Some long coaxial burst, ended with a nice bulls eye sabot... Boom...
    "dcrum", my driver said...
    " do know that was a friendly chopper, do you?"...
    I managed to say...
    ...before I read 3 lines on y screen...

    "you have been punished for a teamkill"
    "you have been punished for a teamkill"
    "you have been punished for a teamkill"

    ...and my a$$ was banned to hell....

    Im so sorry guys. It was not intensional. It was pure senility in an old mans brain.

    zorry Zoors

    ps. As if that wasnt enuff.... I also managed to post this in the Point of Existence mod forum :D

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    Re: What not to do...

    Zoors - I just checked the ban list and you're not on it. It was just a temp ban, so you should be able to reconnect.

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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      Re: What not to do...

      I will take this time to rant about punishing again. Unless those guys thought you intentionally shot them they shouldn't have punished. Punishing an unintentional TK is, in my opinion, as bad as intentionally TKing some.


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        Re: What not to do...

        haha oh man that sucks. i used to do that all the time actually. i had to turn off English only voice over so i could get used to the team i was on. sometimes i would even let USMC guys walk right in front of me just because i heard english.

        but turning it off actually helped more than before because i can listen for different languages and shoot zem in da faceeeee

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          Re: What not to do...

          Who-ever punished you should be banned imo. It is a rule that is broken all too often, and no leniency is in order. It is the flyboys who should apollogize for their sub-par behaviour.


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            Re: What not to do...

            I have English VO only cause it doesn't pop up on screen what they're saying. I just check what gun I am using to see what team I am on.
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              Re: What not to do...

              Guys, easiest way to solve the TK punish thing is to just IGNORE it. If you dont hit your PgUp/PgDn keys, the message goes away after 20 or so seconds, doesnt interfere with gameplay and automatically forgives the culprit.


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                Re: What not to do...

                I also sometimes forget what team I am on because of the english VO. I got a tk because of that once.


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                  Re: What not to do...

                  Yep - I've been punished for accidental TK's while my "Crap Sry" was still showing in the HUD. Think this is ignorant and an admin should take the time to boot the offensive little bugger.

                  I've never punished anyone for a TK .. even if I thought it was intentional.

                  I sometimes get so frustrated with this attitude I type something like.." thanks for the TK punish you ignorant little twerp." :madsmile:
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