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    I was playing on Qwai River today w/ the Spec Ops kit and had a few ideas about how to use the kit effectively:

    *note that the following is not limited to Qwai River

    1. For Special Ops teams on large-scale maps, i.e. maps w/ a wider variety of vehicle types, a certain Spec-Ops squad could consist of the following:

    A) Spotting/Laser Designator Team
    1x Sniper (1-man)
    1x SpecOps/Officer (1-man)

    B) Insert/Extract/ Fire Support Team
    1x Helo (Gunship, LB) (2-men)
    1x Transport (Helo, Jeep) or Armor (Tank, APC, Scimitar) (2-men)

    The SL/SpecOps/Officer would be part of team A) and be in contact w/ the CO at all times, relaying enemy types and positions, movement, activity, lasing targets for fire support, sabotaging equipment, etc. The Sniper would be an extra pair of eyes for the SL/Spotter and extension of team A)'s kill range if they should need to make a long range kill.

    Team B), the Insert/Extract/Fire Support team would provide fire support to team A if ever necessary, e.g. attacking laser designated/marked targets, provide insert/extract for team A) and other friendly infantry, etc.

    The combination of Heavy Firepower and a small scouting team in a single squad could potentially prove very effective. The SL could place his High-Profile armor and air assets in safer areas while his Low-Profile 2-man scouting team pinpoints the positions of enemy targets proceeds to coordinate the plan of action for his Heavy Firepower assets against those targets. Having this combo in a single squad will allow these roles to be used more efficiently since the CO will only need to notify a single squad. The SL, having control of both Air and Ground Units, would then communicate the CO's instructions to his squad mates in control of such units and execute the instructions in a way he sees fit.

    Two squads of such composition would be even better.

    2. Why not have a squad that is infiltrating enemy territory, in order to reduce its profile size, send out one well armed man into an open area that is suspected of having enemies and have him either report back the enemy positions or deal with them himself if deemed necessary. This way, the rest of the squad wouldn't risk compromising their position if its scout gets spotted or killed. In consequence, the squad would know the exact or approximate locations of the enemies in the area they wish to traverse and be able to better stage its engagement against them. This tactic seems really obvious and elementary, but I don't see any squads use it.

    3. When a sniper team chooses to sabotage some enemy assets in enemy territory, the sniper should stay in a covering position either parallel or perpendicular from the demoman. This way, any threats in the path of the demoman could be called in and dealt with w/o needing direct confrontation, thus increasing the team's probability of survival. Again, this tactic seems really obvious, but I don't see any sniper teams employ it.

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    Mobile Repair/Gunship/Transport Support

    This is something I have to share because I invented it as far as I know and it actually worked.

    Little Bird:
    x1 Helo Pilot
    x1 Engineer (SL)


    x1 Helo Pilot
    x2 Engineer (One of which is SL)

    Ideal Map is a large one with lots of Armor and has Helo. Qwai and Kashan come to mind.

    Primary Goal:
    Repair of Armor. Tanks have priority, Mobile AA/Commander Assets secondary, APCs tertiary.

    Secondary Goal:
    Gunship support for Infantry movement. Infantry pinned down or request air support against other infantry (Not Armor/APCs). Fly pattern around attack marker and take out any enemy in the area with a barrage of aerial bullets.

    Tertiary Goal (Blackhawk only):
    Transport of Squads for quick deployment from one area to the next. Never into a hot LZ but next to it giving the SL of the transported squad the ability to place Rally Point.

    Personal Experience:
    I'll write about it in AAR reports thread.
    Link Here
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