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Removing Mines without Engi Kit

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  • Removing Mines without Engi Kit

    I just want to see what some of you think of this..

    Originally posted by Charity Case
    So I made another video, this time it's about a neat trick you can use to clear mines without an engineer kit: link

    The credit goes to Fuzzhead for teaching me how to do this.
    This is not a bash at CC. I strictly want to see how PR TG players feel about removing mines without an engi kit.
    I have no objections
    The method used is an exploit
    Although unrealistic, the method does not effect gameplay
    No opinion/Comical option

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    Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

    it's a exploit i think it's a pure good exemple how to define it

    1) never meant to be remove like that
    2) would you shoot a mine with your gun to move it around ?


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      Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

      Neat trick! But seeing as you can't just move a real AT mine without it detonating in your face ( I think it would be fair to make a server rule against it.


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        Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

        This wouldnt have happened if the Devs made the mines burrowed lol, maybe they can create the mines like fh2 where u can only c the tip of it :D. But it is a exploit and shouldnt be allowed since its unrealistic just as shooting rockets off of helios


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          Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

          it is an expoit but i kind of think it could be thought of a way to detonate the mine but with no expolsion because of the bf2 engine and hard coding stuff but i guess it could go either way
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            Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

            Now we all know ;)

            I think and improved mine system would be nice. For example, in desert maps they are pointless to an extent. As for this "exploit" I'm not sure what I think. I have removed mines before with a few clips of ammo, but was unaware that you could just "Shoot and push"


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              Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

              Bah, this is the last time I'll teach you guys my super-secret PR tricks.

              Seriously though, I now strongly believe that this is an exploit as the mines used in PR would have anti-handling devices in real life. When I first posted the video I was unaware that anti-vehicle mines had such devices and figured that shooting the mine could simulate picking it up and moving it. But, now that I have been enlightened, I believe it to be an exploit. Also, this technique can be further exploited in ways I will not bother to detail and would never consider using. I would be happy to delete my original post if the community decides that this is an exploit, but I haven't found a way to delete the video from wegame.

              And while we are on the subject of mines, here is a bug that everyone who drives a vehicle in PR should know about (9th down on the bulleted list): link
              Basically, what happens is that when you disconnect from a round of PR and then rejoin the same round, any mines which have been set before you reconnect will appear totally invisible to you. This is often what happens when people are teamkilled by friendly mines.

              Also, you can detonate mines by deploying razorwire on top of them.;)


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                Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                Known about this for a while. Although I do admit to using it a few times its a complete exploit.
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                  Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                  I honestly believe Charity had good intentions, with none to exploit in any way. Thanks for being honest guys, and hopefully we won't see any of this super-secret PR trick of "mine clearing" on the TG server.

                  Charity, might I suggest you PM one of the DEVs about this to see it fixed/changed?

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                    Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                    As soon as someone posts a video of them doing this in real life I'll change my mind from this being an exploit. But then again, they'd be dead, and we wont have to worry about them exploiting anymore.


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                      Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                      It's an exploit, plain and simple. We're discussing whether or not to allow this, so stay tuned...

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                        Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                        I agree, it's an exploit. Again we come back to the real world uses of kits and who's job is what. An Engineer is about the closest thing PR has to an EOD soldier, and would be the only one with the correct training to remove a land mine. As anyone in military service knows, mines are very sensitive and require very careful handling by those with the right training. If a mine clearing device is not available, like mine rakes on the front of a tank or similar vehicle, then they must be probed by hand with long probes to dig them out. The probes must be not ferrous metal, since modern mines will go off in the proximity of any metal a magnet will be draw to.

                        Simply shooting a mine would most likely result in the shooter being killed, especially if he were in the average 10m kill radius.


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                          Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                          Exploit and unacceptable, although it is a neat little trick. However, it completely neutralizes one of the major abilities of one of the kits in PR, and a darned useful kit as well.

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                            Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                            Id have to say it is not realistic.. as far as exploitive goes... I suppose so. I would rather that Charity Case only shared his little Jewels with Me and not the General Public. Its good to know. Will be waiting for a decision from the Admins on whether this is banned.. Seems to clear the mine considerably faster than wrenching on it..

                            Ive had a couple occasions that after wrenching, the mine was still there, and it wouldnt let me wrench on it anymore.. If that happens again, I will use the bug to get around the bug.

                            And seeing as you cant Blow the thing up with C4, bury it, or shoot it to destroy it, its not very realistic to begin with
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                              Re: Removing Mines without Engi Kit

                              Anyone familiar with Americas Army will remember that for the advanced marksman training the final test with the 50 cal sniper rifle was to detonate unexploded ordinance --- seems like shooting a mine in the real world would be a legitimate option if you couldnt defuse it.

                              However, expect that mine to blow anything in 15m radius to hell... hence the sniper kit in AA -- bouncing it around is not a legit alternative.

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