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  • set me straight

    i need your opinion...

    the other day i played on the server and we started sunset city.

    we were on usmc and there was no CO so i became one.
    now, i dont go CO often and when i do, i do not micro manage every squad actions.
    i focus on building, and giving orders when needed. (defence,repair,build etc.. )

    we were slow to deploy and didnt take temple fast so we found ourselfs on defence in lower city.

    we set a bunker in lower city and a backup firebase.
    there was 2 squads that i 'know' their SL's know what they are doing and i let them do what they know on offence.

    lower city was under attack all the time and i assaign 3 squads to HOLD AND DEFEND.
    i was trying to rebuild the bunker at lower city as it was getting blown all the time.
    one of those squads had a Rally Point not far but wouldnt come build and wouldnt come clear lower city
    the other squads that came to help got KNIFED while building the bunker (we were up against a good team) and lower city was not secure at all.

    while i tried to get the said squad to help out, he wouldnt listen.
    i even went to say that by the server rules he MUST follow orders.. nothing.

    now, i dont consider myself a good player when it comes to tactics and game plan.
    but i dont think i was THAT bad.

    at the end of the match when we lost badly the said squad was saying that i made us lose the match..

    "commander you suck" "salvation made us lose the game" etc..

    i told them they can blame me if they would follow my orders..
    but they really pissed me off, becoming a CO seems harder now then ever..

    im not sure on what i wanted your opinion on, just some comments..

    should i never CO again?? ; )

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    Re: set me straight

    Absolutely not salvation. You should definitely CO again. Anyone and everyone is welcome to try their hand at CO or SL anytime they want on the TG server. If people have a beef with that, they can pack sand. Theres no experience level required, everyone has to start somewhere.

    Furthermore, the guys who refused to follow CO orders, as well as the guys who were insulting you should be reported. Respect is one of the other things that is required. If you ever run into things like this in the future, take down some names and make a post in the "Contact an Admin" forum.


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      Re: set me straight

      Like ferris said, its all about experience, and you should definetly try again. There are lots of people out there who will not CO, but will moan if no one does. Its was good of you to step up, so dont be disheartened. I personally never CO, im rubbish. I would like to be able to do what you do and try, just not brave enough yet. :) And next time you or anyone gets a reaction like that, dont hesitate to take names and report them. Try again, you will soon get the hang of it!


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        Re: set me straight

        Speaking of reporting people, Jeepo, you might want to resize your sig before someone notices and smacks you for completely obliterating the size limitations.


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          Re: set me straight

          I definately dont think you did anything wrong with that, Salvation.

          Just continue to try it and learn from each round. You can't be an expert at it from the beginning and know all the small things, but have to get a hang of it as you go. I know that TG has some really awesome people going commander, and if you compare yourself with them from the start, you will only put yourself down in a way that you dont have to.

          Now, enough talking to myself. But I guess that the same apply to you, Salvation.;)
          The Royal Lifeguards


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            Re: set me straight

            It's so easy to blame the co for failing when you are failing him yourself.

            You are so right in saying
            "I told them they can blame me if they would follow my orders..
            but they really pissed me off, becoming a CO seems harder now then ever..".

            I is always leaves me feeling a lot worse when I lose a game as a CO then as a grunt. You feel that you have failed 30 people. But often one squad's disobedience can ruin it all. It's like playing a game of chess, where one of the bishops suddenly decides he is a horse :).

            What I really want to say is: your gripes are just, thank you for co-ing, I hope you will try again. Sometimes you get lucky and your team can do something amazing, that takes everyones help.

            We had a great example the other day when Onemanwreckingcrew was commanding on Qwai. It still makes e shiver.. We had one the game as us on tickets, but we were failing to cap temple (had estate). Suddenly onemanwreckingcrew get a stroe of genius, and calls everyone together to teh center of the eastern map side. I was great to see the whole team actually form up. When we rolled out on temple, we brought about 20 infantry, a jeep or two, and 3 or 4 apcs. As the apcs suppressed, the whole team just ran in in a glorious blitzkrieg.

            When the co can make those experiences happen, that is when PR, and TG really shine. Even if you lose.


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              Re: set me straight

              thanks for your comments


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                Re: set me straight

                I think I was there that round and I personally thought you were doing good, I did make a comment about how a first time at it should probably not be on a full server just since it's far too hard to start off like that but you did pretty good. I remember that part where we got knifed trying to build the bunker. I knifed the guy in the face when he walked in LOL

                If you weren't CO we would have been pushed back to main and probably capped out.

                Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
                In Soviet Russian, Arma admins are nice to you!


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                  Re: set me straight

                  ^^^ Hey we're twins!


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                    Re: set me straight

                    Heres the thing about COing i dislike... Only TG squads seem to follow orders. Occasionally I will issue an order to a non-tg Squad leader, they end up either accepting the order and not following it. Other times you'll get a squad trying to follow orders only to execute the orders too slowly or poorly.

                    Many times ive been verbally abused while Commanding, I just shrug it off and let the admin know only to receive more commentary from the guy.

                    I just wish that Squad leaders would have more faith in accepting the commander's overall job to coordinate inter-squad communications and understanding the fact that sometimes the commander has the bird's eye view of the battlefield.

                    Put aside your dam ego, fall back, help the dam commander out... otherwise your team pays for it.


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                      Re: set me straight

                      I think there is a nasty trend in the TG PR server where players mistakenly think that "teamplay" means to work together as a squad. It means more than that, it means work together as a team, all 30 players working together. Since the CO is the only one in a position to get all the intel in one place and be able to put that forth into a battle plan, people need to wise up and listen.

                      Also the trend towards no one wanting to sit around and defend a flag disgusts me. Every time I hear a player in a squad I am in start complaining about getting bored and wanting to go attack another flag 5 minutes after we have capped the one we are at, I just want to strangle them. Then they leave and join another squad or make their own and lone wolf it. In my opinion, these people should be kicked and/or banned since they abandon their squad and usually are a waste of oxygen anyway.


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                        Re: set me straight

                        In my commanding experiences, I have only had two squads EVER disobey orders on the Tactical Gamer server. This is two times out of countless others. It is frustrating when it happens though. Especially when another team mate gets upset with you about it. But is it really that wide spread of a problem?


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                          Re: set me straight

                          Originally posted by BigGaayAl View Post
                          like playing a game of chess, where one of the bishops suddenly decides he is a horse :).
                          i play chess and that is funny AL..
                          commanding in pr is a strategist virtual wet dream. If you get it right and things click like clockwork, the feeling is indescribable. So don't give up, don't take it personal, play the game like chess. Infantries are your pawns etc etc..


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                            Re: set me straight

                            Hang in there Salvation. It will get better as you gain more experience in the role. I learned quite a bit from practice and onemanwrecking giving me tips on maps. After a while it's not so difficult anymore. However it will always be frustrating when you have squads that don't listen at all to your commands. I end up ignoring them and pretending they aren't even on the team. They are meat shields and fodder as far as I'm concerned.
                            "Young gamers assault while Older gamers flank."
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                              Re: set me straight

                              Originally posted by kilroy0097 View Post
                              . I end up ignoring them and pretending they aren't even on the team. They are meat shields and fodder as far as I'm concerned.
                              sounds like a good idea.




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