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Some questions regarding HAT

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  • Some questions regarding HAT

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been discussed/asked before, i read the manual and wiki and tried to do a search but that didnt clear up all of my questions regarding heavy-at
    i played around a bit with it on a training map to get a feel for that thing.
    somewhere i read that the HAT can be guided like a TOW/wired guided missile, is that correct? i tried that but the thing just flies straight ?
    also i read something about a range of 300 meter that u should be away from your target or something (dont exactly remember where i read that might be my memory playin on me) but at that range the projectile drop is VERY noticable and hard to predict for me, does being that far away have any advantage ?
    also, the vehicle weakpoints, is it on tanks still in the rear ? i shot one twice and it was still standing, i take it a tank needs serveral hat hits to go down if its at full health ?
    do the 4 target brackets have any meaning besides it not being accurate if theyre not completely crossed ?

    can the l-at be guided ?

    again sorry if these seem like silly questions or have been answered before, or both :D

    cheers :D


    great i just found this
    "15. When firing a Heavy AT, be aware that it's guidewire does not activate until after about 250-300m. So, if target <300m aim high to account for projectile drop, if target is >300m aim high but then gradually bring down the reticle to guide the missile onto target."
    not quite where id expect it but found it
    okay that just answered my two main questions, sorry i cant remove my own topic else i would as i feel kinda silly now lol.

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    Re: Some questions regarding HAT

    How does that saying go? no such thing as silly questions, just drunk people...or something like that...

    HAT tends to undulate as it travels, and after ~300m it should let you change direction. I would advise you lead your target, stay crouched behind a hill and as soon as the target moves to where you are leading him, stand up over the hill, count to 2 and fire. Over long distances, you have to trust the "wobble" and trust that it will actually hit where it is pointed. I see a lot of guys over-compensate and miss their target rather than trust their original judgement on where to aim.

    LAT is more accurate than before in my experience...not much drop, so aim center and fire, then find ammo to reload to do it again lol.


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      Re: Some questions regarding HAT

      I'll try to answer all of your questions THC.
      • First off, no, the light-AT cannot be guided.
      • Secondly, the guide wire on the heavy-AT activates at about 250-300m. This is supposed to simulate the soft-launch firing of the weapon. I believe that the guide wire delay will be removed in the .75 patch.
      • Because of the guide wire delay, it is important to aim above your target at longer ranges and guide the missile down onto your target. This prevents the missile from hitting the ground and also gives the target less time to respond (by the time they hear the lock tone, the missile is already in the air). Just continue practicing on the Kashan training until you get it right.
      • Yes, the rear armor of a tank is significantly weaker than the front armor. In my experience, it has never taken more than two heavy-ATs to destroy a tank; if it takes more than two then you probably missed with one.

      Also, here is a good post regarding heavy-AT use: link

      I hope that helps.


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        Re: Some questions regarding HAT

        wow u guys are quick :D :D thanks alot w.w and cc

        i feel even more silly now, cause i actually read (and replied to) the post you linked :D
        man i must'a been really tired that nite :D :D

        thanks again guys, ill keep on practicing some more offline


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          Re: Some questions regarding HAT

          Originally posted by -THC- View Post
          wow u guys are quick :D :D thanks alot w.w and cc
          Just goes to show you how much knowledge and experience is at your finger tips at any given moment


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            Re: Some questions regarding HAT

            one of the reasons why i like it so much here :D


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              Re: Some questions regarding HAT

              yes sir wealth of knowledge availible to you 24/7 ( I think ) lol .....

              BTW ROFL AT CC'S Sig.....
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                Re: Some questions regarding HAT

                IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 0.75 Client Patch.

                They will be changing the HAT supposedly to allow it to start being controlled after only 7 or 10m. So that 300m before it can change direction thing will hopefully no longer be an issue.
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                  Re: Some questions regarding HAT

                  If you fired a hat, but then grabbed the wire and yanked in a direction hard, what would it do?

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                    Re: Some questions regarding HAT

                    Considering how fast the wire would be travelling? Rip straight through your hand I would have thought.
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                      Re: Some questions regarding HAT

                      Originally posted by NerdyDodge View Post
                      Rip straight through your hand.
                      Sounds about right.



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                        Re: Some questions regarding HAT

                        TOW has a wire, HAT is laser or infrared guided I think

                        7 LAT to kill a T90 but only 4 LAT to the rear

                        stupid questions are always better then stupid presumptions imo

                        Here is a link to a similar thread:


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