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Official PR 0.75 Client Patch (Still Waiting)

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  • Official PR 0.75 Client Patch (Still Waiting)


    Ok so it's March 1st, 2008. PR Devs claimed .75 client patch to be ready late February. As you know that time has come and gone. So probably expect it sometime this month.

    They eluded to quite a few tweaks in the coming patch such as fixing USMC Sniper/Marksman deviation issues, fixing HAT control issues, tweaking G3 control, something about ammo packs beings changed, CO's being able to remove commander assets and many others. Some of those others can be found in the X-Fire chat with the community Here. Also the official PR .75 patch thread on the Project Reality site is located Here.

    Mainly, don't hold your breath waiting for it. They seem pretty happy about whatever they are changing and with any luck we will see it in the thawing month of March (depending on your location), we hope.

    So I started this thread for the community to post everything and anything about 0.75 here so we can keep it all in one place for ease. Including Feedback when it does finally come out at which time I'll rename the title of the thread to Feedback. I will also place links for the patches on this thread in the original message.

    P.S. I apologize now for disappointing those that thought the patch came out already. Still waiting :(
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    Re: Official PR 0.75 Client Patch Thread

    dam got realy excited when i saw this thread thought the patch just came out lol
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      Re: Official PR 0.75 Client Patch (Still Waiting)

      Here is a (very premature) thread I made anticipating the .75 patch: link
      Now, I'm not totally sure if the new grenadier rifles/UGLs will be included in the patch, but I know that they are fully modeled and skinned. As for the new suppression effects, they're being programmed by the same guy who did the Forgotten Hope 2 effects. In my earlier thread, I claimed I had found a video showing the new effects, but now, after examining it closely, I'm not so sure. Also, it sounds like there are some problems with the turret stabilization system, so it may not make it into the patch.


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        Re: Official PR 0.75 Client Patch (Still Waiting)

        CC I spoke to the guy who made that video, he is with me in alpha one infantry squad in the nato tournament and that was a practise session afaik.
        I wasnt there but when I mentioned the testing for suppression effects he acted like he didnt know what I was talking about, a clever rouse no doubt to throw me off the trail but I thought it might also be that he installed FH2 and the effects transferred over a bit which I heard can happen

        My theory on the .75 patch is that it will be released as soon as they figure out a fix for basra. Its such a major map and the only insurgency mode map in the game so the present lack of it is a dire situation they'd surely fix asap, over any other problem imo

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          Re: Official PR 0.75 Client Patch (Still Waiting)

          For search purposes if anyone looks for this thread subject matter in the future.

          Patch 0.75 now Patch 0.756

          Mnam Posted this here:


          R-DEV Alanta Falcon says there are already servers that have 0.756 updated

          Changes in Project Reality 0.75:
          - Added new player-specific message system
          - Added black screen when dead or critically wounded
          - Added new suppression effect
          - Added context-sensitive communication menu when using field dressings, the medic bag, ammo bags, mines, shock paddles or the shovel
          - Added PR tips to loading screens
          - Players that kill 3 civilians in a 10 minute interval are killed ("arrested")
          - In Insurgency only up to 3 weapons caches exist in the game world at any time
          - Added deviation model to grenades. Also lowered throw distance and raised timer
          - Lowered deviation when moving using pistols
          - Gave carbine rifles to crewman kits where available (China, MEC, US)
          - Added ammo bag to the rifleman(optics) and to the militia scout kit
          - Removed ammo bag from automatic rifleman
          - Added shovel to anti-tank kit
          - Added silenced pistol, grappling hook and C4 to special operations kit
          - Removed flashbangs from officer and special operations kit
          - Replaced pistols from anti-tank kits with rifles (2+1 mags)
          - Added slugshot shotgun to engineers as secondary weapon for door breaching. Moved the mines to the 9th slot
          - Added trip flare to marksman kit
          - Added Molotov cocktails to insurgent AA and RPG
          - Removed AK47 from insurgent AA
          - Added a delay to use for all stationary and vehicle weapons
          - Jeeps and IFVs can drop small ammo boxes
          - Added smoke launcher batteries to tanks and IFVs. They have 3 sets of smoke bombs and 60 seconds reload time between each one
          - Removed missile lock warning tone from all armored vehicles
          - Added heat signature and flares back to light helicopters
          - Flare launcher reload time is 90 seconds and starts after all flares were deployed
          - Laser targets stay in the world for up to 30 seconds
          - Commander assets can be built within 50m of two supply crates
          - There can't be more than one bunker or fire base in a 200m area
          - Added repair ability to the command post
          - Replaced deployable AA gun with deployable AA missile system
          - Added demolish order and mine field marker to commander right-click menu on the Caps-Lock map
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          "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis




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