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  • Saitek X52 BF2/PR Profile

    Hey all,

    I just finished a new BF2 profile for the X52. I did it for Project Reality (BF2 mod), but it will work fine on any version of BF2. The profile is labeled PR, but feel free to change it if you like. Just a couple things to keep in mind:

    1. This is a work in progress, so I will keep it updated whenever I change it (I will also change the version number so you know if it is new or not).
    2. I have altered some of the default buttons in BF2 to satisfy my gaming. To fix this you either have to change yours to match or change the button in the SST (Saitek Profiling Software) ((When I have a chance I will make a profile with default buttons)).
    3. There are multiple modes: Mode 1=Attack Mode Mode 2=Transport. I have binded a couple of phrases in Mode 2 so you don't have to take your hands off the stick. I had these go as fast as they could and still work, so you may not want to fool with them.
    4. I am open to suggestions, please let me know.

    Download here:

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    Re: Saitek X52 BF2/PR Profile

    Hey thats pretty cool. I have a Saitek Cyborg Evo and i always make profiles for it but it never is really responsive enough. Even when i adjust the settings.

    Also will this work on my Evo, im thinking it wont.

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      Re: Saitek X52 BF2/PR Profile

      no, sorry, it won't work on your evo.


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        Re: Saitek X52 BF2/PR Profile

        I use the X52, I'll take a look at this as I just use the default profile at the moment.
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          Re: Saitek X52 BF2/PR Profile

          roger that nerdy, just an fyi, it has some non-default buttons that I changed. I will try to get a default one out sooner rather than later.


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            Re: Saitek X52 BF2/PR Profile

            So I realize this is not going to work the way I wanted it to because I can't keep editing my first post with updated info :( SO, for now, I will keep posting in line with updates until I figure something better out :(

            BUT, with that is a newer profile and a profile with default buttons:
            my button config:
            Default button config:




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