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  • Apologies :(

    Sorry guys/squad mates.....I think I just had one of the worst days of SLing in PR! It was not even my squads fault! Nothing i did worked, not tanking, not infantry, not Tow was a rough stretch, but thanks for hanging nonetheless.....I really promise I am not a bad SL or squad mate :(

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    Re: Apologies :(

    Yea I hate rounds like that. You do everything you can to make a difference in the game and your squad does everything they can to follow your orders and yet in the end it seems like everything you do gets shut down or changes before you can react. Either due to game pace, other squads not succeeding as you thought or due to simply not expecting superior enemy numbers, technical or skill. You do the best you can and that's all you can do. Every round is different. You may be the top squad winning the battle for your team one round and then the very next round be on the bottom wondering what the hell just happened to you.

    Shake it off. Next time will be better. Good squad members know when a SL is trying and is simply out of luck in a round. Bad SLs are obvious and I would think you aren't in that mix.
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