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Reminder for those who like to be in CAS/Jet Squads

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  • Reminder for those who like to be in CAS/Jet Squads

    With the release of the patch, remember a CAS team (including SL and 2 Pilots) really only needs to be a 3 man squad. The New Patch for Kashan 64 enables only 1 F-16 and 1 A-10 to be up at the air at any time. So in "Reality" there shouldn't be 5-6 people in a CAS squad.

    At the most there should be 4 people total 2 pilots, an Officer, and possibly 1 more person at an opposite side of the map with a spec ops kit that can laser designate and or give eyes where the SL is not. If by some odd chance you do find yourself in a full squad that is marked CAS please be respectful and do not take any real speciality kits that other squads might need i.e. H-aT, L-at, automatic rifleman, grenadier, etc. And please help to capture/defend flags in your vicinity.

    I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in the tactics and tips part of BF2, or post it here, I am not trying to be a "knit-picker" in any way, just giving a heads up to those who are new to the patch, etc, and also to make sure the runways on both sides are free and clear of any sort of traffic, we all know how rough those airstrips are (clean up on runway 9 please!), and how fragile those tires are, we don't need an unnecessary flat tires to occur to 2 people trying to fly the same 1 seat mig. (though remember it is a don't ask don't tell military, so if u want to be strapped in tight, by all means go for it.)
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    Re: Reminder for those who like to be in CAS/Jet Squads

    No, please do knit pick.

    Because I hate seeing more than 3 men in a CAS squad:

    1. Spec ops kits are taken from any other squad that may have a need for them
    2. Increased sitting on the runway!
    3. Generally the remainders in CAS squads dont have shovels/dont shovel...

    By the way, don't take this too literally. You can still be effective, but more often than not 4-6 men CAS squads accomplish the same exact thing as a 3 man CAS squad would.

    Quality, not quantity.

    Sometimes, even INFANTRY squads work best at 4 or 5! Or 3! *Gasp!*

    If you're in a CAS squad, or any squad for that matter, ask yourself or the SL: "Do we really need more people/this asset AND how best could we use what we have for the team"


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      Re: Reminder for those who like to be in CAS/Jet Squads

      As taken from Charity Case's 0.75 Changes Thread:

      I was flying CAS on 0.75 Kashan yesterday on TG, and I'd like to point out some 0.75 changes to CAS and overall fixed-winged aircraft.
      • All jets' cockpit windows are tinted now. It's only slightly darker in the cockpit, but flying into the sun still isn't a good idea if you have a bright monitor.
      • "Sending Laser Now" was changed to "Lasing Target" in some cases for a shorter, more realistic message I'd imagine.
      • Laser targets issued by the CO, SL, and Spec Ops now last 30 seconds, which gives a larger window for CAS aircraft to hit a target (previous time was 15 secs).
      • On Kashan, the second wave of jets no longer exists. There can only be one F-16/MiG and one A-10/SU-25 in the air at the same time. (Please note that jets still respawn, they just don't start the 20 min. timer until the respective jet dies)

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        Re: Reminder for those who like to be in CAS/Jet Squads

        I do have to point out that when a member of the CAS squad is shot down and they are waiting for their plane to respawn that there are other things to do besides sitting at the hanger and doing nothing. They can become an engineer and help out repairing armor or building up assets or even repair the runway if it's destroyed. Then when the plane spawns they can get their pilot kit and go up.
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          Re: Reminder for those who like to be in CAS/Jet Squads

          I'll have at the most 5 guys in the CAS squad on Kashan. 2 pilots, 2 anti-air, and 1 spotter. Don't underestimate the power of anti-air, two guys sitting in Bradleys smack dab in the middle can cause all enemy air support to be worthless, they just can't hit the bunkers without risk of being shot down. It's best to have them in the CAS squad so they can coordinate with the pilots, or at the very least have them coordinate over Teamspeak. One spotter is generally good as well, that way you don't have to annoy people over TS.

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