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  • A quick thanks to...

    Gunner, Mnam and Camlost for what became one of my favourite games of Kashan 32 yesterday. I joined the USMC Cobra squad when I saw they were appealing for pilots, after I got sick of the bizzare infighting and back seat SL'ing in the last squad I'd joined. I was pretty down about the whole thing and not too confident that we'd have much fun in the choppers, considering they'd already been shot down once.

    As it was, myself and Mnam took to the skies first and were quickly able to get into a useful spot over the bunkers, denying the enemy their reinforcements and taking out anything that moved in the open. I think we seriously sped up the capture of the two flags. We then proceeded to hunt down the enemy havoc that was in the air, I missed with my AIM-9's but Mnam proceeded to shoot the fleeing chopper down with his cannon, only the first of several increasingly flamboyant air to air kills he got that round.

    Once Camlost and Gunner got into the air, we had an almost complete view of the fighting, killing anything that moved for about ten minutes before the enemy got an AA vehicle into position by the south village, we had a very happy commander at this point I believe! After being driven off by the AA, we lurked over the bunkers again, nice and high, and actually destroyed several enemy rally points hidden in the central hills. We even took out the mobile AA after a brave spotter got a laser target on the thing and we were able to swoop in for the kill.

    The battle progressed to the MEC outpost as we pushed the enemy back, but here we were not quite so lucky. I took up a stationary hover at about 400m altitude a little back from the outpost, friendly infantry even commented on how completely still the chopper looked in the air; until the enemy took us down with a HAT!

    Needless to say, we were back in the fight before long and assisted in fighting the enemy to a convincing defeat, our forces not quite capturing their main before the ticket bleed finished them off. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped in the squad, including those guys on the ground who I don't remember the names of, you all brightened my day!
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    Re: A quick thanks to...

    nerdy u were a great pilot i couldnt have asked for better hovering when I spotted and enemy to get a steady hellfire into them and u kept is so steady i was even able to hit 5 Mec transport choppers while they where tryingto drop off multiple troops Nerdy all i can say is that i would love to squad up with u again an gun for u in a chopper anytime
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      Re: A quick thanks to...

      Yer you got me in the end lol
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