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Kicked by Admin Cola

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  • Kicked by Admin Cola

    ...because I complain about clan "TF21" for ruin the game... again.

    I did not report them, but Cola couldnt hold his admins nerves from a delicious kick.
    "Dont abuse the reporting command" he said. I didnt. I said !reorting, just to make my point.

    So whatdid TF21 do today? Creating 2 locked 4 man squads. That had to be adressed. More people agreed to that on server. Admin kicks anyways.

    Its totally agains TG sprit of teamwork. Its creating closed communities inside the TG community that I turn against.
    It is not only unbalancing the game, it does not contribute to common teamplay development.

    Think of it, since I started to support this community financially, I have had this experience with TF21. VERY skilled players. VERY skilled in deed. But what do I have for use of that anyways? I have never been in a squad with TF21 ever. Not that I can recall. Perhaps when one of them was solo an hjoined my squad. I have no idea who they are, how they sound etc. People told me some of them uses hacks, I dunno, I have never asked them why soem of them constantly get KDR's of like 20:1, its probably good teamplay within TF21, or by using superioor OC'd equipmnet close to server. I dont care about that now, I want them to join the community instead, be some assets instead of some "secret service".

    They can have their own server, if you ask me, but are welcome as ordinary TG supporting members, sharing skills and trix.

    Clanbashing... the admin said and kicked me.
    I want to report that admin "Cola" something, for being a real fool and listen to wrong ideas regarding the TG community, kicking supporting members who knows of the TG spirit.

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    Re: Kicked by Admin Cola

    Calling someone a fool will get you no where, instead of posting as soon as you get kicked, calm down, think about it, then PM an admin!


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      Re: Kicked by Admin Cola

      First of all, it was me. Secondly, check your PM's.

      I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.




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