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What brought you to PR and then to TG?

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  • What brought you to PR and then to TG?

    I tried to search this question on the forums and if it's there it's well burried. But anyways, this topic came to me after some consideration of current PR and TG events (rule changes, gameplay changes, community changes: tons of new people).

    So my question is simple:
    Why PR in the first place? Then once you decided on playing PR why did you choose TG over other servers?

    For me it took awhile to warm up to Project Reality. I always disliked the key game play of Battlefield 2... I mastered BF2 quite easily. The key to BF2 is dive early, dive often. That and hog every asset and aquire the weapons necessary to be rambo. But I played BF2 (even Bf1942 before i found Forgotten Hope) because the gameplay was as close to what I envisioned in a good game as was possible.

    Anyways, PR .5 rolled around and I decided to get into it.

    I didn't read the manual, I tried to drive a vehicle without a crewman kit, there was 3 squads between 32 players and I was so confused by AAS. Sufficed to say I didn't play again for a while lol.

    So one day I decided to give it another go and as luck would have it I ended up in the TG server.

    First positive difference: TG forces squad creation! From day one I realized the game depends on having solid team work, which turned me off the game because the first few servers I tired were basically in lonewolf shambles.

    Secondly: The clear rules, which luckily for me were spelled out by some awesome TG squad leaders of the time.

    Third: This one came to me some time after I started playing regularly. The community on the TG server was pretty great. I've played with the European crowd, the North American crowd, and everyone in between and it's a great group, lots of laughs and many good rounds!

    So I guess to conclude this all, the ideas of realism behind PR brought me to it, but the way it's played on TG made me stay. We don't all agree on every little detail but as a whole we have the same core reason for being here: the community and the way we play.

    I also encourage anyone who ever leads a squad on TG to ask if people in their squad have any questions or if they aren't sure of anything so that others can get into the full swing of things!

    Hats off to the masterminds behind the PR server, you admins do a heck of a job keeping the server from being a jungle of dummies... Well the disruptive dummies anyways ;) I think the rules might just be at the height of perfection in their current state and encompass WHY the only game I play is PR and why I only play it on TG :)

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    Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

    I too played BF2 for a long time and was bored with the run and gun mentality. I worked my way to some pretty good sniper skills, then medic, spec ops, support. I would CO often also. Flew everything and tanked regularly. But it was just the arcade aspect. So I started searching online for more realistic games and found the ArmA, POE and PR sites. PR stood out for me as I wanted a military sim that was an easy in. I liked the squad and teamplay and joined a few servers but found the TG server was the full one, and started to read the forums.

    I then played with some really good old schoolers in the .5 days that created my addiction. There were some GREAT SL's then, and there are GREAT SL's now too. I have had more fun here than in any other gaming community/server. Thank to all the faithful SL's as I usually just want to get an order and carry it out ingame with the occasional SLing. Guess because I am in charge all day in my job. And get so little time to play.

    TG for me was the whole thing. More frequent maturity and gameplay. More following orders and giving them. I equated that to more caring about gameplay. I met some really good folks then and it was over. I became a SM the first month in the game.

    The updates, rule changes, new people from what I see is the same as always. The new things keep it interesting. I remember asking the same questions as the new guys do now, and I remember the same kind of answers. The continuous growth has kept the game alive for me. I only wish I could play more.

    OH, and the hot chicks...cant forget that! All the hot chicks that dig the TG PR! Holla!
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      Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

      Well I was brought around in the opposite order: I found TG before I started playing PR.

      Back in the day, I was an avid Counter-Strike player. I also played America's Army for some time too. On the lookout for some kind of cohesive community (not a clan!) I came here and started browsing the forums. Which is why my account was created in 2005.

      Several years later I decided to try a new game, downloaded the BF2 demo then bought it. I played vanilla for a few weeks - VoIP was a big draw, and the graphics and game engine were pretty neat but the gameplay with vanilla pubbies left quite a bit to be desired. Then I discovered the wealth of mods available and settled down with PoE. At that point I re-discovered this site (I hadn't looked at it since creating my original account) and fell in with the Irregulars. Not long after that I made the move to PR and as they say, it's all been downhill after that!

      But seriously, this is by far the best gaming community I've come across. It's a great bunch of folks here covering all kinds of games and I'm glad to be a part of it.
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        Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

        I can't remember whether I found TG or PR first, I think it was PR. I had been quite a heavy vBF2 player for about a year, and my brother mentioned that he'd heard there were some really good mods for BF2. I looked around and found a lot of good stuff about PR, so I downloaded it. (This was during version .5) I played on all sorts of servers, and liked it, but it wasn't as great and full of teamwork as I'd expected. Then, one day, I found a server called, and I recognised the name from playing on the TG 2142 server. I remembered that it had been an above average server, so I gave it a try. I got into a squad on Mao Valley, led by Topcat. It was the best game of PR I have ever had, and so I decided to come to this '' to say hi (I expected it would be a bunch of sad people with no lives who play games all day - much like myself ;))

        That's about it. I rarely play anywhere apart from TG.
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          Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

          My turn:

          I started playing online FPS back in 1999 or so when TFC was released for Half-Life. I joined a clan and made some friends and was then hooked on online play in a team environment.

          Fast-forward to 2005 when a co-worker showed me the teaser for BF2. Wow! I had played 1942 a little bit but wasn't really into it - I was more of a CS player. Well, this piqued my interest and I enjoyed BF2 for quite a while. I started playing regularly at the DeadMeat BF2 server and eventually became an admin there. You guys would love the rules at DeadMeat:

          1) Don't use racist language
          2) Don't teamkill
          3) Don't be an a$$hat

          Uh - that's really about it. Base raping is encouraged and loved on that server - it's quite a good time. Great bunch of guys (big shout out to HootieMcBoob!) - mature crowd and the server was run like TG is now pretty much with some obvious exceptions.

          Anyway, got introduced to PR because I was bored to tears with the vanilla maps and the game play got old. Several regulars at DeadMeat got me to play PR on the TG server and the light went off (this was back with .5). This is exactly what I was looking for! Teamplay! Strategy! Tactics! Project Reality itself was awesome! Mix it all together and it was gaming Nirvana!

          Been here ever since.

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            Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

            Gee, where to begin.
            I started gaming competitively with Mechwarrior 2 back in the Kali days, which was oh, I dont know, 1995. After that, it was the steady stream of FPS games like the doom series, the quake series, etc.
            Then in 99, I got Half-Life and started playing that. When I went off to college, I lived down the hall from a guy who was designing maps for some new mod called Counter-Strike. So I started playing that. Fast forward to 2005. My CS clan was falling apart. I had just discovered Natural Selection and was playing that much more actively than CS with several different groups. The first was Online Evolution, which Turbinator was a part of, then I moved over to the Lunixmonster.

            After a while of playing there, the NS community kinda died off and I saw a post by a couple different people who were talking about this great gaming community called TacticalGamer. So I came over and checked it out. Within 2 weeks I was a supporting member. During this time I was augmenting my NS game time with some BF2 gaming. Slowly but surely, I moved away from NS and started checking out other servers that TG hosted.

            I had bought 2142 by this point and started playing that first. Then, one day on the 2142 server, one of the guys in my squad announced he was going to hop over to the PR server, so I decided to check it out. I downloaded PR 0.5 and started playing.

            After playing pr for several months and gaining a good group of friends there, I was recruited into the super-secret society that you all now know as the 6th. The rest, well, you've all been here for that.

            My next gambit is to gain complete and total world domination. Details to be announced.


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              Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

              I started playing PC games when Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was pretty new. It was my first and only PC game for a while until a friend of mine showed me Battlefield 2. I was pretty much amazed, especially since vBF2 was still in its early patches. I ended up joining a clan (~DAS~, I had made the account with the prefix in the name, that's why you see me in the TG server with that tag on). After about one year, the clan ended up dying out and I never really played BF2 much from then on, EA had been releasing patches like crazy and the gameplay suffered in my opinion as a result.

              I only recently got into PR, I'd say it's been about a month or two, and the first server I happened to get into the first time I started up PR, was the TG server. After finding the gameplay to be overall better in quality in the TG server after about a week, I decided to go to the website listed in the Server Description. I read the rules and pretty much felt that it was perfect. This wasn't all that long ago, you can see that I've only registered recently. :P


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                Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                I just by accident stumbled onto PR .6....I honestly can't remember how I found it. I wasn't looking for it though. Anyway, out of curiosity, I downloaded it. The first map I played was Kashan desert....let me say, that isn't a good introduction map. What first caught my attention the most was the ginormous maps. Well, I kept playing it, found out that I had the most fun, better teamwork, and overall better gameplay on the TG server. So I came to the website and that was that.
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                  Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                  A couple of friends at school talked me into downloading Project Reality, I'd owned Battlefield 2 for ages and had gotten pretty bored with the game. I remember being sceptical at first, but fell in love with the game once I found the TG server.

                  My first few games on other servers were pretty poor, I remember ending up on a german server running Kashan, throwing my ammo bag at mobile AA vehicles that were calling for a resupply. Anyway, I found TG before my friends did and never really looked back, I think Wickens was probably the first 'regular' I remember playing with and we had a great time.

                  I got the aforementioned friends, one Ollie_Fool and the other one since unable to play PR onto the TG server, headed to the website to read the primers and got my tags pretty soon afterwards.
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                    Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                    I actually found the TG while playing on their (our) BF2 demo server back before the game even came out. I played pretty much regularly until the Vanilla server switched to the two add-on packs which I didn't own, so could only play on the server when a Vanilla map was up. I stopped gaming for a few months but decided to check back on the forums one day and they were all talking about this new thing called the Project Reality 0.4 patch, so I decided to try it out, and I've been playing PR regularly ever since :).

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                      Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                      Got fed up with the Bf2 " MY PLANE, ILL T'K ANYONE FOR IT!!!!!11111 N00b's!!!1" and so looked at BF2 mods, saw Project Reality at the top of the list. Only reason i downloaded it was because it had British Forces in it ( yes I love the L86A2 )

                      Found this server by accident, Mainly cus this is the only decent English server, not fluent in German or Russian, and I think i got in Wickens squad and had a great time, so I started becoming a regular. I think I started wearing the Tag on the internal scrim night and glad i did put it on that night


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                        Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                        I've had bf2 for a while now. At first, I had great fun as I was pretty good and enjoyed the game. But after six months, I got fed up with the tks, how everybody grabbed a sniper kit, and the lack of teamwork (I remember the commercial for Bf2 stressing teamwork). I looked into mods and found PR. I fell in love with it.

                        Later I found this server. Everyone had a mic, and was very cooperative. Plus, the community is great too.


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                          Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                          I was a regular on the TG CS:S server and loved the communication and teamplay. I have never tried BF2 until February of last year (2007). I then downloaded the PR v.04 mod thinking it was a patch for vanilla.There wasn't a large player base for .04 and I got tired of only playing with the same 10 guys. Then .05 dropped! It was like I was a coke fiend and PR was my coke. I needed it, wanted it, lived for it. I was always squadding with the 1stMIP and they taught me everything I know about leading a squad.
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                            Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                            I'm with the new breed. I actually got into TG through the PR server. I've played PR on and off since some version near the beginning I think. It was a good change, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon the TG server and squadded up with Disposable that it really clicked--this is what I'm staying with. So yeah, in the end it was Disposable that got me into TG PR. Loving it ever since.

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                              Re: What brought you to PR and then to TG?

                              in the old days, i played BF1942

                              then the Desert Combat mod. BEST MOD/GAME EVERR. i don't care what you think. DC RULED

                              then America's Army.

                              then i got bored and did some CS:S

                              then i got bored and played BF2

                              then i got bored and started longing for somewhat realistic blend between AA and BF2

                              found .4 PR and have been hooked ever since. best thing since DC or sliced bread.

                              came to TG server because good performance (server on east coast US where im at), good players, good teamwork, and good population




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