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    the map rotation is using a handful of maps to death. it is like watching the same episode of a TV show over and over again. lets try to work some unused maps in like: gulf of oman 64 or 16, sunset city, kyongan ni, zatar wetlands. we rarely play 16 player maps either. very rarely is kashan 16 played. we could try seven gates 16 or qin ling 16.

    lets do it!


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    Re: map rotation

    There are only limited amount of maps. We are not playing more than one 16 player version than the server seeder EJOD 16.
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      Re: map rotation

      possibly replace zatar with oman for a while?


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        Re: map rotation

        I strongly suggest Daqing Oilfields. It was played on password night and I had a blast. I think it's a PR-quality map.
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          Re: map rotation

          Every week there is a post about the rotation.

          Someone copy what I have below and sticky the damn thing.

          Originally posted by d1sp0sabl3H3r0 View Post
          For every one player that hates a map, there are 10 that like it.

          We try to change up the rotation as much as possible to keep variety, but let's be honest here, our choices are limited.

          Here are the maps available in the .75 release:

          Al Basrah *
          Al Kufrah Oilfields
          Assault on Mestia
          Battle For QinLing
          Bi Ming
          Daqing Oilfields
          Ejod Desert
          Fools Road
          Gulf Of Oman
          Hills Of Hamgyong
          Jabal Al Burj
          Kashan Desert
          Operation Archer *
          Operation Ghost Train
          Qwai River
          Road To Kyongan Ni
          Sunset City
          Zatar Wetlands

          * Cannot be run, crashes server

          So, there are 19 maps available, 17 of which we can run. Everyone hates Hills Of Hamgyong, now we're down to 16. The rotation has 14 maps in it (16 actually, we run Qwai 16 and Kashan 16 because they offer a different style of game play than the 64 player versions).

          We know the maps are stale, and the available PR maps include 3 vanilla maps that were converted to PR, so they're 3 years old at this point (and STILL suck for PR). There's only so many different ways to mix it up, and at the end of the day you're still going to be playing maps you've played countless times before.

          We're doing the best we can with what we've got available right now. The admins are tired of the maps, too. Let's just all suck it up and hang in there, .8 will be out soon and there will be plenty of new maps in that - maybe enough that we can set up a really nice rotation and put some of the same old tired maps into mothballs for a while. Just be patient.

          It's in this thread.

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            Re: map rotation

            Please take this as just a serious question with no malice...why does the server have issues running the new PR maps? Too large? Are there any steps being taken to help change it? Just curious. Thanks.
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              Re: map rotation

              They're insurgency maps... simple as that.


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                Re: map rotation

                Stevie - they're bugged. Even servers that run those maps have frequent crashing issues.

                The devs are working on fixing them, but there are a bunch of new maps coming out in .8, so everyone should have their new map itch scratched.

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                  Re: map rotation

                  ok, thanks disposablehero. Appreciate it.
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                    Re: map rotation

                    I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you don't like the current rotation make up your own and submit it to an admin, you'll probably see it in effect by the end of the week. Take some initiative!

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                      Re: map rotation

                      Am I the only one who has done this?
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