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Project Reality Single Player a hit!

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  • Project Reality Single Player a hit!

    I tried it out and here is what I found:

    AI are very good.- the infantry AI are the best of any BF2 mod including BF2, i have seen them smoking a roof that you are on and either A-coming up and killing you. or B- chucking a nade up in the smoke and wasting you. the AI that operate the vehicles and air are pretty good too.

    It has old maps from .4 and .5 just to name a few: operation greasy mullet, Inishail forest, al basrah (with the US), goods station, muttrah city, and from .6, operation phoenix. extra original BF2 maps. it also has some maps that have not been in any release.

    there are some CTD (crash to desktop) bugs such as upon loading a map or after a map is finished. these mostlly occur with just a few maps. it is basically it works or it doesn't.

    no commander assets, (an AI script for the asset request system would be a bitch to write)

    there are a lot of maps that have air vehicles, some more than they are supposed to have, therefore I conclude that this is much better that the training maps for kashan and qin ling, because they fire back at you and move!

    I would recommend this to anyone this to anyone who will play it.
    you have to download the core file, (55mb) then all the map packs (700-800mb). if you download mappack 7 then there is no need to download the initcons files.
    the download link is here:

    this release is great because unlike any other PR mini mod you don't have to create a new project reality folder. be sure to read the instructions for the release if you already have .7 sp or if you are starting fresh with .75 sp.


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    Re: Project Reality Single Player a hit!

    Yeah I have a lot of fun with it, just don't go from PRSP to PR or you'll lag out until PB kicks you for the shader check
    Biggest gripe is that sometimes the AI gets stuck in a single spot waiting for something
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