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  • Squad Work on Bi Ming

    Just wanted to throw up a post thanking the guys from my squad (Squad 4 - Bad Wolves)last night on Bi Ming.

    It was pretty late so I can't quite remember all the names, but you know who you are. We had a little bit of everything going on and stuck to our job, did things right and helped with a decisive victory.

    Couple of reasons why I think our squad worked so well together. I'll post my thoughts in case it might help any other aspiring squad leaders.

    First off, all the squad members listened to what I had to say and made the assumption that I knew what I was talking about. A lot of the time you'll end up in a squad where everyone is a squad leader. I'm guilty of this myself actually (since I tend to SL a lot). People give out so many suggestions and ideas and think they have the best idea that the squad leader's actual objectives get bogged down in trying to explain himself and wrangle everyone into doing what he asks. When everyone in the squad is working to accomplish what the squad leader is asking for, regardless of whether or not it's the best plan, things go well.

    Second, everyone in the squad seemed to have good situational awareness and communication. Targets were identified and confirmed. Squad members who were working in the same vicinity quickly worked out a short hand to help them with their specific objective. Something I really appreciated was kill confirmation. With the tall grass and lots of cover, confirming your kills is pretty important I think. Sometimes all it takes is whipping out the binocs for a quick check, but other times you need to follow up and secure the enemy location. This isn't easy, I think, when you're trying to hold a position rather than advance, but I think my squad did a great job of it.

    Thirdly, a big thing was patience. We weren't in the thick of the fight for a lot of the round. We had a tough slog at the start taking the first flag without much help while all the other squads were prepping the next flag. After that, we didn't see too much action. It might not have seemed like we did too much, but I think our role was pretty important. We DID see enemies trying to come our way and more importantly, despite our 'downtime', we were prepared to deal with them and did so effectively. Standing around and securing those remote locations can be really boring and annoying to someone without patience, but they're important jobs that I think help win rounds. I'm really glad my squad agreed.

    So, thanks guys! Great round.

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    Re: Squad Work on Bi Ming

    I have to say I was on the other side, and you guy's really did put up a fight. Great round!!
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      Re: Squad Work on Bi Ming

      Had a great time last night, playing in Wickens' squad for a few rounds. Condolences to the guys on the other side! ;)

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