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A question about PRM

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  • A question about PRM

    Hi everybody, I was active on the forum for BF2142, but crossed to PRM a bit.
    I played it before, and now I'm back, but I have one question:

    Since I had 0.71 version, I downloaded 0.75 patch (about 280 MB) and installed it. Do I have to download the core + maps AGAIN (I already downloaded the 0.71 ones earlier)?

    Man, if I DO have to download them again, it's gonna be a real pain in the neck...
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    Re: A question about PRM

    Dont think so, cant remember that i had to. Just try and run the game and if it doesnt work, DL them.
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      Re: A question about PRM

      No, just restart after each install.
      like the .71, install core, restart, install levels, restart,
      open pr .close it,
      install patch .756. restart
      open pr and enjoy.

      let all install make a desktop icon....IMPORTANT.
      leave them, the last one will be the correct pr.exe.

      if you get a tool mismatch error by punkbuster then clean shader cache with BF2 cleaner




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