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Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

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  • Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

    Marine, Liquid, and TGU present PR Basic Air, Fixed-Wing!

    *** Sign-ups will end on Saturday, June 7, 2008 ***

    All of the following details are subject to change:
    DATE AND TIME: Sunday, June 8th at
    • 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
    • 3:00 PM Mountain Time
    • 4:00 PM Central Time
    • 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Attendees will be required to be in the TGU Teamspeak Channel 15 minutes before the module. To get Teamspeak Information, visit this link.

    Anyone who is not present 10 minutes before the scheduled start time will be counted as absent and will be disallowed from participating in the next module run for the game in which the module was missed.

    Module Name: Basic Air, Fixed-Wing for the Project Reality Mod
    Topics Covered:
    1. Aircraft Familiarization
    2. Take off & Landing
    3. Weapons Familiarization
    4. Evasion & Countermeasures

    What not to post:
    "What time will it be in my time zone?" Work it out on a time converter. I've supplied some time zone conversions already for your convenience.
    "Are non-supporting members allowed to participate?" Yes. However, supporting members will get priority in attending.
    "It's not fair! I keep getting pushed out by Supporting Members!" Become one.
    "Can you change the date?" No, the date is confirmed unless something unexpected comes up.
    "I'm on the reserve list. How good are my chances of playing if I show up?" Decent. There will inevitably be a few cancellations before the session and there can be one or two no-shows on the day of the session. If you are on the reserve list, show up in Teamspeak on the date of the class and we'll see if there are any free spaces.

    Quick Session Information
    Date: Sunday, June 8th, 2008
    Time: 2:00 PM PST
    Be on Teamspeak By: 1:45 PST
    Server: TG Private Server - Password Given in Teamspeak ONLY.
    Module: Basic Air, Fixed-Wing (Project Reality)
    Qualification Badge:
    Number of Students Possible: 10

    Ground Rules:
    CHECK FIRE! Once on the server, hold your fire until specifically instructed to do so. This is very important so that your instructor can address everyone without background noise of weapons fire or explosions.
    Listen to your instructor and follow their directions. It is important that everyone listen to the instructor and be ready to follow instructions so that the material in the module can be covered in a timely manner. The more the instructor has to be off-topic the longer the module will take to complete.
    Minimize Com Chatter. Questions are greatly encouraged as part of the learning process, but many people may have questions at once. If you have a question or comment, simply type a request such as "question" or "comment" in the in-game chat and your instructor will call on you and let you have the com when they are able.

    How Spots Are Assigned:
    The first priority will be given to Supporting Members above non-Supporting Members. After that, those members that are not actively participating in a TG In-House squad or the Irregulars will be given preference above those that are currently enrolled in TG In-House Squads. This is specifically for the Basic Infantry module because the In-House squad should be providing this level of training to their members.

    A reserve list will be made up when all the playing spots are filled. Supporting members, once again, have priority. When a player with a spot cancels, they will be replaced by the first person on the reserve list.

    How to Sign Up
    Players who no-show without notice for a session will be precluded from participating in the following session for the game where they were absent. Don't let your team mates down! Only sign up if you can make it. Because class spaces are limited, please don't take a spot unless you're confident you can play.

    To sign up, please simply reply with the following two items of information:
    1) In house squad (unaffiliated if none)
    2) Your in-game name.

    Please reply to this message with the above information if you wish to sign up.
    Players will be signed up on a first-come first-served basis.
    Supporting Members get precedence in the order they sign up, then Non-Supporting Members afterward. Your SM status at the time of sign up determines which list you will be on. Once you post, you cannot become a SM later to work your way up the list.
    You can pull out, but if you reconfirm, you will find yourself at the bottom of the roster.
    You may not hand over your spot to another specific player. Your spot will be given to the next available player.

    Special Notes:
    *** Teamspeak is REQUIRED for this exercise ***
    No instructions will be given through text chat or in game VOIP. If you are not familiar with using Teamspeak, or have not activated your TG Teamspeak account, please visit this link for instructions.


    There are two articles I will have as required reading if you are planning on attending this course. This is so I don't have to explain some things during the course that you can find out yourself. Please take the time to read through these two articles, as they are very informative and helpful. For the Air Combat Theory, a brief reading is all you need as that theory goes into advanced manuvers not featured in this class.

    Eroak's Air Combat Theory 101
    PR Wiki - Jets

    If you sign up and find that you are not going to be able to make it, please PM me and let me know as far in advance as time will allow.

    Lastly, I will be running a very strict fire/comms discipline during this course. At all times you are to keep your weapon checked and keep your comms and text chatter at zero. Anyone who feels that they don't have to abide by the fire/comms discipline will be immediately removed from the server, disqualified from the course and barred from participating in the next TGU course offered for PR. So it behooves you to be on your best behavior during the course. It will not be a long course, running approximately 45-60 minutes. However, as far as the discipline goes, I will not be giving second chances.

    Keep in mind that this is open to ALL registered forum members, whether you're a TG tag wearer or not. Just like a scrim guys. So get those signups in.

    SIGNUP LIST: (supporting members are listed in bold) I will be posting in this thread some updated lists as my edit function goes away after a certain amount of time. Please look at my lastest post for the most updated sign-ups list. Also, please refrain from posting unless you are signing up, so I can have an accurate count of how many people are attending.

    1. Dirtboy
    2. Sabre_Tooth_Tigger
    3. Mnam
    4. KORdaemon
    5. [Canuck]Sirsolo
    6. imnotacanadian
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    Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

    Awesomeness...sign me up!

    1. 6th Devils Brigade
    2. Dirtboy
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      Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

      I dont have much experience at fixed wing so I would like to come along to this :) I do have a game earlier on but it should be finished in time afaik

      1) unaffiliated
      2) Sabre_Tooth_Tigger

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        Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

        1) 15th Young Warriors
        2) Mnam
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          Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

          Wish i could come, but i'll be in a plane to Northdakota at the time. Have fun man.


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            Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

            I need to brush up on flying in PR, sign me up :D

            1) unaffiliated
            2) KORdaemon

            edit: also, it sounds like we need to download a mod to do this, if so, where do we get it? sorry for being a newb >_>
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              Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

              I never officially learned, and could use quite a bit of training... I have some previous experience, but I'd totally love to join you guys in something real, organized, and as always with TG, awsome.

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              2) [Canuck]Sirsolo (sirsolo on the forums/teamspeak)
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                Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing



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                  Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                  1) Unaffiliated
                  2) Katanama
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                    Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                    1) unaffiliated
                    2) |TG| creepinshadow24/7

                    PS: one question, do we need the training mod?

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                      Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                      1) 15th Young Warriors
                      2) Bullseye2550

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                        Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                        1. un affiliated
                        2. =Sonic_Striker=


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                          Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                          1. n/a
                          2. Dr.Zelenka


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                            Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                            1) Unaffiliated
                            2) Raej


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                              Re: Tactical Gamer University - Basic Air, Fixed-Wing

                              I hate that I have the night shift and am always sleeping during these university sessions. :(
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