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  • Sorry

    I just want to say im sorry for last night, the people in my squad know what im talking about. I dont know why I was in such a bad mood so im sorry if I yeld at you last night.
    Also to the commander on Jabal (think it was cremecakeclarky?) for expressing my oppinion i a very bad way, i know i was out of line and i hate when people do it to me.
    Also for any decision i made last night that turned out bad im sorry just dont think it was my day, or i had just gotten too tired of squadmembers taking too long to get their finger out of a certain part of their anatomy and do as i told them...

    again sorry you know who you are.
    If people are becoming so bored when playing that they have to resort to this immature behaviour I will give them something to do, call it a project. The project is "appeal a ban". - Wicks

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    Re: Sorry

    It takes a good man to say they're sorry and actually mean it, than someone not, or even not bothering at all and meandering around in their pumped up ego, haughtiness, and likely finding like minds.

    Wasn't there but I know that one.

    I have had bad days too. I hope I can live up to the standard you show here, if and when it happens.

    So respectfully and thumbs up. All cool by me, if that counts, and hope the others think so, that were there.


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      Re: Sorry

      Hey Katanama your a good SL and a cool guy. We all have bad days.


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        Re: Sorry


        I am trying this... method.
        This method is to use the same phrases to get the squads attention.

        FOr example, if i want to squad to re-group if they are getting too spread out and creeping forward, i say "Squad, we will assemble at this position".
        Then if time goes by i say " Everyone assemble at this position".
        If there is someone who is not assembling i ask them "What are you doing out there?"
        If they don't respond after two times i kick them.

        In either sense, consistency in syntax i feel helps keep the squads attention.
        I know it's hard... trying to describe orders on what to do. But it is important to use key terms and keep using those key terms.

        Also, calling the squad by a name is good thing, i try to call mine infantry.

        The SL is a rude SOB for the individualist. The SL is caught in the world of demons, there to guide the souls of the living into the twisted interplay of war and time.

        Also, try not to let members give advice about what to do. unless they are specifically addressing the SL..
        You know those guys "WE SHOULD ATTACK", and they just start running- everyone following behind them.

        In order to prevent someone from taking control of your squad you cant be emotional or mean to them, nor do you give them reasons for one order over another unless they ask you "Why you choose that". If they start blathering you need to tell the rest of the squad to ignore that person and focus on the orders.

        "Ignore that guy, men..." and then reiterate the current orders.

        BUT! then, you must watch out. For if you crush a man's desire to tell everyone what to do they will most likely jump on any opportunity of squad failure as a contrast of their superiority and your insuperiority. This must not happen.
        Don't resign your self to their criticism, nor do you overpower them with superiority.
        If they get to this point you should tell them, "You are disrupting the squad, i have to remove you".

        listen close
        to the rat-tat-tat-
        as the metal flies,
        we should know as fact:
        that unearthly demons
        are part of our pack,
        and as we engage you
        in battle we pass.




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