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  • Operation MaxiPad

    In Lieu of Password nights, the Tactical Gamer PR admin team is proud to announce the start of Scenario nights. While this will most likely take place once every few weeks, it will REQUIRE the most teamwork you can muster.


    Operation MaxiPad

    "It has been almost a year now since British Forces relinquished control in the Al Basrah region of southern Iraq. Kidnappings, genocide, and looting has run a muck. Sheik Ahkmed Bakalakadaka has reigned himself ruler of this volatile region. His death squads have ran the most of its citizens out of the area and the only ones who stayed back are sympathizers and soldiers of his so called "Jihad Army". There intentions are to keep the local population in fear while making it a "Hub" for foreign fighters to deploy elsewhere in Iraq. The United Kingdom has dispatched a small contingent from NATO missions in Afghanistan to squash this uprising. After fierce battles outside of the city, the Jihad Army is now fortified within the city and has no intention of losing it. The Sheik is held up in the Mosque where he intends to make a final stand. The British Army has only one take out the Sheik at all cost's."

    British Mission and Rules:

    1. To "eliminate" the Sheik.
    2. No Armor. This means Tanks, APC's, and Scimitars.
    3. No respawning after deaths. Once you are dead until we restart the round again. Don't respawn!
    4. Fire Discipline. Civilians who are sympathetic to the insurgent cause are still in the area. "Arresting" them is the only viable option.

    Insurgent Mission and Rules:

    1. To Protect the Shiek.
    2. No using "Big Red"
    3. Only allowed 2 deaths (simulating a bigger force). Jihad car bombers are only allowed one death. Civilian who are knifed are only allowed one death. Be honest gentlemen. Civilian who get shot will not be counted as a death.
    4. No drive by IED's.
    5. The "Sheik" is not to leave the mosque!

    Operation MaxiPad will be a bloody and grueling battle with it lasting up to a week.


    Date and Time:
    Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 5pm CST.

    Please report to the Tactical Gamer Teamspeak server for password entry and team choosing. There will be two captains who will pick there respective teams and those who show up while a match is still going will wait in the "Waiting Room" channel until the round is over. It may last a few rounds or it could play out for a few hours. This is an honor system so please don't cheat!
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    Re: Operation MaxiPad

    Haha, sounds great... hope I can make it :).

    ... also hope people will play fair and NOT respawn if not allowed to.
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      Re: Operation MaxiPad

      Sounds great :D


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        Re: Operation MaxiPad



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          Re: Operation MaxiPad



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            Re: Operation MaxiPad

            Oh, this is gonna be good!!

            What's the big deal about Operation Maxi-Pad? My house hosts that monthly as it is....

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            No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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              Re: Operation MaxiPad

              me like
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                Re: Operation MaxiPad

                sounds awesome!

                how do you plan to enforce the "no respawn rule"? Will you be kicking players who dont follow this rule? I can see it being prety easy to enforce, cause you can just take a look at the scoreboard...

                Id love to see these things happening more frequently on password nights!!


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                  Re: Operation MaxiPad

                  Sounds SWeeeeeeeeeett. i'll be there if im available
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                    Re: Operation MaxiPad

                    Sounds really fun.... To bad thats like the last week of Summer school for me, and I have an Anatomy final.
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                      Re: Operation MaxiPad

                      I want to be the shiek.

                      LOL, or at least one of his mujahideen.

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                        Re: Operation MaxiPad

                        count me in, ill bring some depends in case some people have a "oops i crapped my pants" moment.

                        Sounds very interesting.
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                          Re: Operation MaxiPad

                          Can we have it so that the first person to die creates a squad called "Dead" or something to that extent? Then everybody that dies afterwards joins in there. Once it's full, rinse and repeat?

                          This would reduce dead men talking.
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                            Re: Operation MaxiPad

                            I think it would be easy to see if someone is cheating. It shows your deaths on the tab screen and also if u are currently alive. So if u have 1 death and it shows that u are alive... (exceptions would be the insurgents with 2 lives)

                            Sounds fun, can't wait!
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                              Re: Operation MaxiPad

                              I am SOOOO in!!!




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