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Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

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  • Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

    Recently I was playing Kashan-32 on the main Tactical Gamer Project Reality server, the round started off normally with me spamming voice commands during the preparation phase before the engagement in order to mentally assimilate my comrades to the stresses of combat.

    However, as hostilities commenced our operations began to go awry, the other team dominated the hills above the bunkers with armor, and appeared to launch multi-pronged assault across the control points, securing most of them with ease. I knew immediately some unwholesome behavior was transpiring with the opposition.

    I saw only one alternative; to switch teams and infiltrate their corrupted gaming methodologies. At first, I became confused and disoriented, the frequency and detail of both oral and textual communication was unparalleled. And this was not the excessive commentary and mindless pandering I had grown accustomed to hearing. These common communiques often detailed the location of enemies and the necessity of R.P.s, presumably rat poison or racial profiling.

    My initial reaction was the illicit utilization of third party applications in order to gain an unfair vantage point on enemy locations. So I approached the subject discreetly and coolly:
    "Yo doods wear kan i get sum haxs man???!11??2"
    After I received no reply, I discounted these third party programs as a possibility. These exploits were of another variety.

    I further submersed myself into the organization by joining a squad, which I followed closely across the map. At one point, a player, who seemed to be the undisputed leader of the squad emitted a series of pale bloated canvas sacks from his rear position. Most unusual indeed! What added to the mystery was the ability to replenish a small unit by reproducing directly from these cheerless receptacles. In stark contrast to my initial national association this military had their landscape riddled with masses of khaki baggage, which I will term Replenishment Loci. When I pressed the leader of the unit about these clandestine exploits, he vaguely alluded to some obscure key combination and stringent unit requirements for the placement of these Replenishment Loci.

    However, I was still unsatisfied, the team's game-platform exploitation surpassed the mere ability to produce an effective fighting force at a specific location, moreover, it went far beyond the ability to exploit the built in communications systems by using it to designate enemy targets. This team also had the unsurpassed capability of coordinating offensive operations across the battlefield. But what else could they be exploiting?

    As I observed the army during the progression of the round I seemed to have uncovered an additional exploit in unidirectional command authority. Throughout the round a single individual, who was affectionately referred to by friendly units as the C.O.(probably Cacti Oncologist) issued directives from some sort of central planning authority. These initiatives were then delivered verbally to a secondary unit commander who oversaw the execution of these directives. These exploits were foreign to me, traditionally if a C.O. is present, which is infrequent, the varsity and necessity of his orders and his masculinity are often brought into question and fiercely debated.

    Ultimately I hope we can just play the game in the fashion it was designed to be utilized as opposed to trying to gain an unfair advantage by using these unscrupulous exploits.

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    Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

    And your point is? There isn't enough teamwork on the server? Your team sucked, so you teamswitched?

    Cute way of whining about the lack of teamwork on your team, but that does not validate the creation of this rather pointless thread. Sometimes teams don't gel; it's a public server and it's bound to happen. Deal with it, or step up to command/ Lead a squad. Making threads like these won't really help since the majority of the people on these forums are already good teamplayers.

    Want to fix the problem? Go make a difference in-game.


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      Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

      Cataphact, relax. It's a joke.
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        Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

        I think this is meant to be humorous in the wake of a few other exploit threads.

        And its funny!

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          Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

          I do see the humour in I'm sorry if I took it the wrong way.


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            Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

            Its pretty to read =D

            Well done <3
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              Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

              yea......i'm lost.

              Interesting read though.....I think I could make one of those big-word-of-the-day calendars off of that one post.
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                Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                Kind of same impression as 2nd post,
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                  Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                  LOL, nice change to the forums. Haven't seen humour like this for quite a while actually.
                  At first I thought "Ugh, another useless exploit report that will get flamed down to hell." but then once I noticed it was a joke it made my day.

                  Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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                    Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                    Good to see Sam has not lost his touch :D


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                      Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                      Yes i have been seeing these hax alot lately, i dont know why the admins dont ban them so we can get some even play again:(
                      If people are becoming so bored when playing that they have to resort to this immature behaviour I will give them something to do, call it a project. The project is "appeal a ban". - Wicks


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                        Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                        This thread made me smile and in turn made my morning a little better :)


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                          Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                          LOL, nice one Sam, good to see you on again


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                            Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                            Post Of The Month!

                            "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
                            |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

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                              Re: Major Game Exploits (CO, RP)

                              Great post Sam, I think that falls directly in line with my hopes that we all can one day cause actual hearing loss to players on the TG server in the beginning of the round and then all make one man locked squads and or join a squad to get a kit and then leave to make a locked squad, and do the same thing for crewman and pilot kits so we can all take apcs, tanks, and attack choppers alone in hope of becoming the most uber l33t crewman and pilots, while on the ground using sniper rifles against humvees and tanks.

                              And then all the while like you posted complain how no one is capturing flags because we are all on the mountain side being uber l33t snipers and one man HAT teams that only use HAT on the lone rifleman that is running from bunker to bunker.
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