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A little ridiculous

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  • A little ridiculous

    Went on TG today to have a little R&R; I was in the mood to man an APC for a round or two. I join a squad, see there's an empty MEC APC, grab a crewman kit and hop into the APC. Started to ask around for a gunner and gave it a minute. No one seemed interested so I asked the APC squad to unlock their squad and let me join them so I could work with them and possibly get a gunner. They refused and demanded I get out of the APC I'm currently in (They had just lost their own APC and spawned at Main while I was waiting for a gunner). They report this to the Commander (Fuzzhead) who in turn reports me to the server. I'm all for teamwork and following a plan but there have to be limits. The APC squad was locked and not full, they just didn't want to share the APC.

    The worst part was that Fuzzhead threatened my squad leader by telling him if he didn't kick me out of his squad he would boot him from the server, my SL couldn't believe how childish the moderator was acting.

    The TG server, for the most part, has a lot of good team players. To lock a squad and have dibs on a particular vehicle for an entire round does not make it enjoyable for everyone. A commander simply does not have the information at hand to assign individual people to specific kits/vehicles, we're all unanimous. More often then not I see commanders/moderators assign their clan buddies to the heavy vehicles/aircraft. For those of you who consistently bully people out of vehicles/kits/squads try and act a little more like adults and share the virtual assets.

    To the large percentage of you TG PR Gamers who don't take advantage of your admin powers, thank you!

    I'm done, thanks for reading and the concern.

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    Re: A little ridiculous

    |TG| ≠ Admin powers

    Haikus are easy.
    But sometimes they don't make sense.


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      Re: A little ridiculous

      If you have an issue, take it up with the person/people in question via PM, or contact an admin in the 'contact and andmin' forum.

      Also, please do not publicly name names in future.
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        Re: A little ridiculous

        From the PR server rules, stickied at the top of this forum:

        9. Reserving assets

        To assist the Commander in performing his duties, the Commander has final say on distribution of all assets. Naming a squad "Attack Helo" does not entitle that squad to the attack helicopters unless the CO designates them to that squad. Please remember, squads do not dictate the assignment of an asset, the CO does.

        When there is no commander, or the CO has not designated a squad for a particular asset, assets are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players are to act maturely and take turns with assets. Fighting over assets could result in both parties being removed from the server.
        CO had designated control of the APC to the APC squad. You directly disobeyed his orders. Like it or not, there was nothing that took place that was wrong or abusive other than you disobeying CO orders.

        You were also only **Warned** by the admins to follow orders.


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