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Banned... please reconsider

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  • Banned... please reconsider

    So I just got banned from the PR server 1 minute ago... it was for "Base Camping" We were holding up as order by the commander to "wait for the Jadam drop" at the Chinese Main base... We had all the flags but that one... we could have taken it earlier but for some reason he wanted to see the Jadam... So we held and Chinese re-took Estate hence that flag was not in play... we may have stayed in the hills to the north a little long waiting for a plan to get out and to see if Estate would Re-fall... and in our holding we got banned for base camping...

    One I think it was base camping not just taking the flag in the 1st place but the commander ordered us back to see the Jadam...

    In any even I understand the rule and how it is unfair to attack that but I am sure you understand that I didn't intend to cause harm and will especially avoid being near an our of play flag in the future... I claim that this was honestly not our fault as the commander had odd orders and the Estate flag fell extremely fast, taking the main out of play hence putting us in a position to either get killed or escape... we were in our retreat as we got banned...

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    Re: Banned... please reconsider

    Not an appropriate thread...please go here to get this resolved!

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