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Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

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  • Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

    I tried playing Battlefield 2, regular game and I can play online for hours.

    Then I try to go on Project Reality, and join the TG server (Best server in PR) and I get a punkbuster error.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

    handshake failure?
    have you updated punkbuster?


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      Re: Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

      what was the message displayed?

      Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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        Re: Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

        If it is Handshake failure:

        Handshake failure is common.

        Here is Portable Cougars' remedy.

        It works. But it isn't a total remedy, handshake failure can come back. However this will stop it at that time and you will be able to play without being booted, if it is handshake failure.

        Cougars' method is quick and simple, and includes the link CoronadoSeal posted. The method is posted near the bottom of the page.

        If it aint handshake failure but something else, then the only thing I can think of doing, CoronadoSeal has already given the link to: update punkbuster.

        (I am no computer tech but for those brighter than me some maybe useless info: I seem to get it if a map change occurs as I am loading, and have had it 4 times now. In Battleareana I seem to get it if I don't log out fast enough as it resets and I get a new mapload too).


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          Re: Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

          I still get the handshake failure after doing the update (twice actually) and it is really pissing me off. Sometimes it will let me join without a problem, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it just randomly kicks me halfway through a map.

          Anybody have a different remedy?

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            Re: Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

            Zoinks. That sounds not good. I bet I'll be facing that at some point since i seem to be tralling all the punkbuster things.

            The only thing I can think of is a full uninstall/install :(

            Checking even firewall settings and so on.

            Have you tried the actual PR technical support forum?

            I hope u find a remedy soon.


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              Re: Punkbuster Dosen't Work *Help!*

              My (often chronic) punkbuster problems simply consist of being booted back to the server screen midway through a game with the message 'your connection to the server has been lost'. People in-game say the message 'Nerdydodge has been kicked from the server' appears.

              They are usually solved by:
              Uninstall PB with pbsvc.
              Install PB with pbsvc
              Update with pbsetup.

              Sometimes just the reboot will do it, sometimes the process has to be repeated several times. My 'pbsec' file also used to disappear every few games, until I made it read only, which seemed to solve the problem with that.
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