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  • Thank you for your support

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone playing from around 1pm to 8:30pm (GMT 9.5) on my team. After getting pissed because the commander on Kashan 32 went AFK mid round I decided I'd try my first crack at commander.

    The next map was Assault on Mestia and with lots of helpful advise and good teamwork I manage to lead the militia to a glorious victory. Over the next 3 maps, Ghost Train (Chinese), Kyongyang Ni (American) and Qwai River (Chinese) I learnt a lot about being commander from various squad leaders and manage to lead our team to victory in all three rounds.

    There were only a couple TG players on but I would still like to say thank you to everyone who gave me advice, followed orders promptly and were just generally helpful.

    I believe that what happened today in my 4 rounds of commander display what TG is all about and I hope to drop In to the server soon and have another crack as CO.

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    Re: Thank you for your support

    Thanks for stepping up and taking CO..Not everyone does that so, Thanks

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      Re: Thank you for your support

      My squad members and I had a laugh about your name. I remember one saying ( who the *censored* calls him self "KimjongIll" ).. nonthe less we had a blast killing and dying. Hope to see you on the battle soon again

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        Re: Thank you for your support

        That's the whole point mate, to make people laugh, I'll occasionally do a few impersonations


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          Re: Thank you for your support

          Arrrr, the duties of commanding. All the victory is yours, but so is all the loss. Everyone blames the commander for losses...

          "We owned you.."-"Duh, we had no commander!"

          Man.... if only life.... wait.. it is..

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            Re: Thank you for your support

            thank you for not using nuclear weapons on any of our allies....very much appreciated.
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