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  • Getting your ammo bag back

    This has always irked me. A lot of people will give you ammo, ask you to stay away from the bag until they reload their ammo bag off of the one they put on the ground, then let you get ammo from it. If you don't let them get their precious bag back, they get mad at you. This just doesn't make sense to me.

    First off, you don't always have time to wait for them. Sometimes you need a few clips or grenades and can't wait thirty seconds. Getting their bag back takes time.

    Second, it defeats the purpose of the ammo bag! Think of the ammo bag as a glass of water. The rifleman who put the bag down drinks 90% of the glass, leaving only 10% for the thirsty guy, which may not be enough to get their missile back for their LAT/HAT. What should be happening is the rifleman giving the glass to everyone to drink from, giving 100%.

    Third, I think of this as a bug being exploited, and I don't think it should be happening.

    The next time someone asks me to wait until they get their bag back, I'm going to ignore them, get some ammo, and kill a couple guys with it.
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    Re: Getting your ammo bag back

    Yes, it may take 2 or 3 depleted bags to get an AT rocket to reload, but it is nice to always have ammo on hand for the squad. Especially if you're the only rifleman.
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      Re: Getting your ammo bag back

      Yea I think its bs but its probably that way on purpose. I'd prefer the ammo to be resupplied off a cache, etc
      Often people will spawn with ammo kits but not drop the bag so you can do yourself a favour quickly doing that for them

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        Re: Getting your ammo bag back

        Lets look at it a different way, How many bags of ammo do you know that give a bag back and mysteriously have another 2 Clips in them? Basically, its the same as pulling 2 Magazines out of thin air, so they gotta rename the riflemen class "Wizard"


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          Re: Getting your ammo bag back

          I dunno if I'm just odd or something. But, having a fair amount of experience with Squad Leading. I have never been in a situation where my squad was in dire need of an ammo bag. There is always usually a FB or Bunker near, or vehicle with a crate.

          So, I don't care what my rifleman does with his ammo bag.


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            Re: Getting your ammo bag back

            This is somewhat acceptable imo, but it's a bit less used now. I'm still conditioned from .7, where we didn't have ANY other way of resupplying. Formerly in .5 and .6, you could get ammo from the ports of APCs, side windows from trucks, the ammo/repair truck for tanks, etc. All of that was removed in PR .7, leaving us with the ammo bag, firebase, and bunker to rearm. To complicate matters, one rifleman had an ammo bag, the other had the scope!

            Personally, I'd rather have kept the rearming from vehicles instead of the "dump ammo all over the ground" technique we have now.

            Also, didn't you already know rifleman were wizards? They can fit an entire stinger or LAW in a bag that holds 3-4 magazines and a few grenades!

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              Re: Getting your ammo bag back

              Originally posted by Bisclaveret View Post
              T They can fit an entire stinger or LAW in a bag that holds 3-4 magazines and a few grenades!


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                Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                I always tell people to let me get my bag back. It takes about 10 seconds and leaves enough ammo to resupply a H-AT. There 's not always the ability to get ammo from another source, especially on the huge maps. I 'd rather wait 10 secs in stead of running back 300m to a firebase/jeep/whatever.

                I agree with it being unrealistic, but that 's up to the devs to change...
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                  Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                  If you rearm your bag, you've already used up half the ammo (if not more).


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                    Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                    I could never work out how much ammo goes.

                    All I know is they disapear when you have not reloaded and it can take a few of these bags before you walk off still not reloaded, or having managed to reload.

                    I don't mind people re-arming because I think there is a general 'grey area' that people are unsure what is best practice people may think they get a full bag/think they get three bags worth of full bags/half bags/I have heard all of these.

                    A 'one drop' and the rifleman not re-arming is my preferance of course, but if they want to reload I am not overly worried about that. I'll just ask them for ammo again if the the AT-round or whatever has not reloaded. I am not about being righteous about what to do with an ammo bag, because I am unsure many actually know the actual physics of this illusive instantly vanishing (burrowing) bag of tricks. I just feel a nice big juicy bag all to myself is great - and of course that lil bugger can disapear right infront of me too without me being around it long at all. The minx!

                    I think the issue is the confusion of what actually happens if the rifleman reloads, or what you can get from a full bag and how much is depleated if the bag is 'reloaded'. Also there seems to be some kind of 'buggy way' of it disapearing rather too quickly, even if it a full/fresh bag. Sort this out and people know what best practice is. For me, in general gameplay it is either at the rally, or at a given situation when needed but it is one drop and the rifleman doesn't pick the bag up.

                    Someone else said, what is helpful is if people are going to get another kit to spawn rifleman and drop the ammo at the rally before moving off. If your squad is pretty much stationary, that sounds good to me, and often request this in an AT situation, where the target is not far away at all.


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                      Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                      Well for example say you are somewhere defending, lets say train depot on fools road and you have just killed a landrover with your LAT and there is no other hostiles in the area. then I think it was best that the rifleman gets his ammo back in case an APC rolls up. you might not have any other source of ammunition, at least I have experienced that once in a while.
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                        Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                        Here is how the ammo system works:

                        Imagine that each piece of expendable equipment (magazines, C4, grenades, field dressings, smoke grenades, ammo bags, defibrillator charges, etc.) you carry has an individual "ammo bar". When this ammo bar is full, you have the maximum amount of equipment (e.g. nine magazines or one C4 charge); and when the ammo bar is empty, you have no equipment. So if you expend one magazine, then your primary weapon ammo bar will be 8/9ths full, but if you expend one C4 charge, then your C4 ammo bar will be completely empty. Also, all ammo bars recharge (when near an ammo source) at the same rate, so it takes just as long to reload nine magazines as it does to reload one C4 charge, or one field dressing (for most kits).

                        Now, when you are next to an ammo source, all of your ammo bars recharge simultaneously. But if you move off the ammo source before you have reloaded any ammo, the bars will reset. Even though your ammo bars reset to their pre-charging levels, the ammo used from the source does not reset. This means it is possible to expend an ammo source (such as an ammo bag) without ever getting any equipment off it. The ammo bag itself has enough ammo to fully recharge ~2.1 pieces of equipment. So, if you are the only one using it, you could get about 20 magazines, nine grenades, two field dressings, or two C4 charges. But if you have two pieces of ammo depleted equipment, then (since they all reload simultaneously) you could only get one full reload of each. And if you have three or more pieces of depleted equipment, say one LAT, one smoke grenade, and a field dressing, then you would use up all of the ammo bags ammo before you had reloaded any of your equipment (and then your ammo bars would reset to zero, so you would have wasted the ammo bag).

                        That probably wasn't particularly enlightening (or understandable) so here are a few rules of thumb:
                        • Never have more than one person use an ammo bag at a time.
                        • Rearming an ammo bag cuts the remaining ammo in half (enough to reload one piece of equipment).
                        • Do not use ammo bags casually, they should be reserved for emergency situations (fully depleted primary weapon, fully depleted defibrillator, extra LAT/HAT needed to destroy an enemy vehicle).
                        • Only rearm an ammo bag when the ammo needed is negligible: two magazines, an extra grenade, a couple defib charges.


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                          Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                          Assuming that clip equipment slot relates to the amount of clip that the kit has:
                          • When reloading the ammo bag as rifleman; when you have used up just one clip it means that a LAT cannot be reloaded: ammo bag = 1, clip = 0.125 (assuming that rifleman has 9 clips) -> 2.1 - 1 - 0.11 = 0.99 < 1 -> no refill for another equipment (such as a mine, LAT).
                          • The same if the LAT has fired a clip (i.e. he has been in a combat situation, which is not uncommon at all). Everything reloads at the same time: 2.1 - 1 = 1.1 left for the LAT soldier. The clip reloads completely first as it is just 1/5 (assuming 5 clips) of the equipment: 1.1 - 0.2 = 0.9 -> not enough for the LAT rocket.
                          • And you can completely forget reloading after the rifleman got his ammo bag back if you have used your field dressing as the LAT and field dressing used up the bag after 50% each.

                          Is that how it works? That would mean that a ammo bag should never be reloaded by the rifleman during combat as you are bound to have used your field dressing or a few clips. That is, unless you are willing to throw the ammo bag a couple of times.


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                            Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                            I've been in a situation where my teamate had a HAT and I had the optic rifleman and we were sticking together to take out armor in this one particular area. Everytime he needed ammo for his rocket, all I did is throw the ammo bag, wait 5 to 6 seconds to refill the bag, and he could actually resupply his rocket with the bag still on the ground where he could come back and refill his rocket again. When we relocated in a different position, I did the same exact thing and he could still resupply off my bag.

                            I think getting your ammo bag back can be very effective especially if you are mobile and not around a crate or firebase. We ended up taking out 4 to 5 armor vehicles that round because of that.

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                              Re: Getting your ammo bag back

                              Wow thanks Charity Case that is exactly what we needed to hear and understand. Thanks for that input, that clears up the common myths and hopefully will enable us all to use the bag to its best at a given situation.





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