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8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

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  • 8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

    I wanted to bring up the mass kicking by Dirtboy last night on the PR server. His actions were not mature. He did not warn. He kicked an entire squad while some players were not doing anything wrong. His reasoning for kicking was because SOME players on China during the Qwai River map were attacking USMC main when not allowed. He then proceeded to tell everyone left that protested (including myself) that we were not to complain. I eventually got banned for continuing on with the subject.

    But I must say that his actions were not right, and his response to his actions were certainly not mature.

    I hope the community and admin can help better then positivity and maturity that would be welcome during gameplay. And be a little more constructive in your actions rather than just kick a swath of players when some didn't do anything, and then try to justify it.

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    Re: 8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

    This thread will most likely be locked. But, from my experience, when the admins do something, its justified. And ALL the admins are the most mature players in the game.

    If you want to appeal a ban you can post here

    and read this

    Please use the private forum or PMs


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      Re: 8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

      Kyle, you should post in the proper forum.

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        Re: 8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

        Unfortunately, I was one of the ones who was kicked. Because 3 members of my squad were on the mountain range next to Pig Farm, were repeatably warned to get away I was punished for their stupidity. I was no where near the farm and I was kicked. When I finally got reconnected, I was kicked again for stating that I had nothing to do with it and the reason I was kicked was "Not getting over it".

        Really? It's like kicking a whole team because someone is TKing.

        This server is one of the best, if not THE best server running PRMM. Squads work together like it was meant to be and you have this happen.

        Honestly, I think those who are given the "privilege" to admin a server, should be a little more willing to listen and not abuse their "power".

        Thank you for being mature when reading this.


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          Re: 8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

          Guys, take it up with admins or Dirt. Only he/they know why you were kicked and what it was about.


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            Re: 8/4/08 Mass Kicking by Dirtboy

            Kyle, your comments toward DirtBoy and the other admins in-game warranted the actions taken. If you have an issue, contact the admins directly via the link in my signature or PM them.

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