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A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

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  • A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

    The purpose of this guide is to provide some insight into how to correctly play insurgency in .8. It will not focus on any one map, but instead intend to teach general tactics. It is placed primarily from the position of a squad-lead, but really, due to the lax nature of organization in Insurgency, it could be executed by anybody with a mic and an attentive audience. This guide assumes a basic knowledge of PR in general, and very little knowledge of Insurgency. It tends to get down into the nitty-gritty of general fighting, as well as some grand strategy. It is intended for play on a public server, where coordination between squads is limited. If every squad followed the "The Start" section of this guide, the team would almost certainly lose, as everybody would spawn on the same cache. This guide is also definitely a work in progress. Feel free to let me know if I say anything incorrect, or miss a better strategy, or have any additional tips to add to the guide. Also remember that this guide is most certainly subjective, and is biased towards how I prefer to play insurgency.

    Bolded parts are the key points of the guide.


    Caches are marked on your map with purple shields and blue diamonds. Blue diamonds have been revealed to the enemy with a margin for error of 150m. Purple caches are still unknown to the enemy.

    NF:Nato Forces, AKA USA, USMC, or UK. I often just call them "The Enemy"

    INS: Insurgents, the team. I often call them just "Friendlies"

    VCP: The little hesco barrier outpost on Al Basrah, it used to be a flag until .8, and used to be cappable in .6

    Hesco Barriers: The big, indestructible sandbag barriers around most NF spawn points. They say Hesco on them.

    General Info:

    If NF arrest (Knife) a collaborator, NF gains 10 tickets, 10 intel, and the collaborator has a 4-5 minute respawn time.

    If NF shoot a collaborator who is not on a ladder/rope, or in a car, NF loses 10 tickets, 10 intel, and the collaborator has a ~2 minute respawn time.

    If INS destroy a tank, APC, Scimitar, or Helicopter, Nato Forces lose 10 tickets.

    Insurgents start with between 100 and 120 tickets. For every cache NF destroys, Insurgents lose 10 tickets.

    NF loses 1 ticket for every NF soldier who dies.

    INS loses 0 tickets for every INS soldier who dies.

    Therefore, the goal as INS is to kill as many enemy as possible, without regard for your own lives, while keeping the enemy as far away from your caches as possible. Therefore, one of the best strategies seems counter-intuitive at first: Fight the enemy wherever they want to fight. Charge into their defenses by the gobful, die, respawn, and do it again. As long as they are shooting at you, they aren't looking for a cache, and hopefully your team will be able to get a few kills on them in the process.

    Weapons review:

    AK-47: Don't try to hit anything with this. It's basically just for looks at ranges beyond 25m.
    SKS: Awesome weapon; Effective at ranges up to and beyond 150m, it's a headshot machine. The enemy is usually off their guard in insurgency, and generally tend to not protect themselves as much as in AAS. Use that to your advantage, and pop them in the head.
    RKG-3: Absolutely, positively, the best thing in .8. The RKG-3 is a contact grenade, and as such, explodes the moment it contacts anything. that means that the enemy is no longer able to run away from it. It is effective against light vehicles, and 1 direct hit should be able to take down a littlebird or Humvee.
    Molotov: a good, reliable, standby. Not much to say about this one, although you CAN kill the crew out of heavy vehicles like tanks with it. Range is a bit shorter than I'd like.
    IED: ~5m armor kill radius, ~15m+ infantry kill radius. Not much more to say, except make sure you don't click twice when laying it down (can't detonate it, then)
    Knife/Bayonet: Just as good as any other knife, a handy backup in CLOSE range. shouldn't be using this too often.
    RPG: Great. Pretty much a guaranteed kill on infantry, and you should be able to hit any vehicle within 150m that's not moving too fast easily enough. Definitely a boon.
    PKM: Mediocre. Good when fired in short bursts, good for suppression. Very inaccurate

    The Start:

    Look at the map, note where the caches are. Except in Korengal, where spawning near their main may be the best option, you should follow these rules of thumb:

    If there is 1 blue cache alone and 2 purple caches bunched together, spawn near the purples.

    If there is a blue and a purple bunched, and another purple alone, spawn near the blue.

    If all 3 caches are spread out, spawn near the blue.

    If the blue cache or the bunched purples are in an exceptionally bad position, IE the buildings next to the VCP bridge in Al Basrah you should just leave the cache to be destroyed by the enemy, and instead spawn near one of the others.

    Tell your squad to get whatever kits they want, but remember that the ambusher is absurdly powerful, with an accurate rifle, a grenade that can destroy a humvee in 1 hit, and an IED that can take out an APC.

    A Collaborator is a powerful asset for a squad. 12 bandages is enough to heal 3-4 people from bleed status, and if you're near a cache there's virtually no limit to his ability to heal bleeds. The hook is a powerful tool that allows you to get a significant height advantage on enemy infantry, and allows your RPGs clear shots on Helos. If the enemy shoots him to death, or runs him over, they will lose 10 tickets and the guy who killed him won't be able to request kits for 12(!) minutes. A well-played collaborator baiting enemies can even lure crewman out of tanks to be gunned down by friendlies. However, despite all of these advantages, do NOT force anyone to play collaborator. The margin for error can be VERY small at times, and you don't want someone who doesn't know how to play it playing it, as if the enemy manages to knife him, they will gain a significant amount of intel, as well as 10 tickets.

    Spawn with whatever kit you want to spawn with. Many people say that, for a squadleader, the Cell Leader kit is best. I personally prefer ambusher, because it is rare that I need to set a Hideout (Forward Outpost, like Bunkers and Firebases). Go with whatever kit you are best at killing with.

    Get 2 of your squad members to run to the cache and grab the RPG and PKM, and assume defensive positions around the cache, but at least 30-40m away from it, if possible. The reasoning is that, if they see you all bunched up in 1 building, they will check that building first.

    One mistake I've seen many squad leaders make is setting a hideout near a cache. hideouts should be at least 50, and ideally 100-200, meters away from a cache. remember that you want to fight them AWAY from the cache, and if you're spawning right next to the cache, they're more likely to find it.

    If it's a map such as Al Basrah, where there are many Technicals in your main, you should consider having at least 1 person spawn there and grab one to bring it to your defensive position. Remember that a technical is a powerful tool, and as such should be PROTECTED, and not driven into enemy fire.

    Once you have reached defensive positions, stay low and listen for any approaching vehicles. See "Fighting Vehicles that haven't seen you" for details of what to do.

    Your first contacts, and basic fighting tips:

    Okay, your squadmates just spotted an enemy command truck rolling in, or a chopper, or an APC, or something. It's headed for THIS cache, or somewhere near it. Assuming your guy with the RPG didn't take 'em out, let's get down to fighting.

    Remember not to worry about dying, because, as I said before: "As long as they're shooting at you, they're not looking for a cache". If they spawn-camp your spawn, Great! That means that probably a whole squad is occupied, just SITTING THERE. Your squad is occupied, too, spawning and dying, but hopefully you can get at least a few kills on them, and if so, great! You can die as often as you want, and it doesn't matter.

    always drop down to prone whenever you see an enemy, or expect an enemy. you have ironsights, so oftentimes it's easy enough to simply get your crosshairs up before the enemy, with ACOG/SUSATs, can. The SKS is effective up to 200m+; I've gotten headshots on stationary targets at that range. Make sure to use that range, as it's pretty limp at ranges less than 20m. If you know that some enemies are just around a corner, and you're stuck with the Ambusher kit, pull out your RKG-3 contact grenade, and right click/hold. You'll come around the corner with it primed, and ready to throw. It won't explode in your hand, so don't worry about that.

    Remember that the first goal is to kill as many of them (and their heavy vehicles) as possible (and/or get them to shoot your collaborator, if you have one), and the second goal is to keep them away from the cache. A tertiary goal may be to destroy their rallys and firebases.

    Most people like to grab the enemy's kits after killing them. The bandage, the (often) scopes, and the other goodies are enough to entice anybody. Do so if it's convenient. If you get an exceptional kit, like a sniper, Specops, or heavy AT, get it at least 100m back from the fighting, and try to hold on to it as long as possible. If it's a medic, TAKE IT and cherish it. If it's something normal like Rifleman, engineer, or officer, just continue fighting with your upgraded capabilities.

    Remember that traditional squad tactics do not work as an insurgent. Moving around without an actual fighting is fine in AAS, but is worthless as an insurgent. Killing them is almost the only way to win, so you should be fighting them as much as possible, even in unfavorable conditions. Squad leaders who hold too tight a rein on their squad members will find them leaving the squad, as well, so let your squad work as they wish. On the other hand, you should certainly not allow anyone without a sniper kit or something to sit on the other side of the map. Use common sense, with a bias towards letting your squadmates hang out wherever the enemy is.

    So, your cache got destroyed:

    Long story short, they got around you, they fought through you, they got lucky, whatever. The result is that the only revealed cache in the general area got destroyed. You may be thinking of spawning somewhere else to defend another cache. Don't. Instead, keep spawning in this area as long as the enemy spawns here. Fight them, spawn camp them, let them spawncamp you, pester them as they leave, whatever. Just try to keep them in an area with no caches as long as you can. If you're good at it, and find an exceptionally dumb squad, you can fight them for 15-20 minutes in the middle of nowhere, wasting their time AND tickets.


    So, the last of the enemy has left the area with no tickets. We're repositioning. Hopefully, you have a technical or sedan. If not, see if there's one in the general area, and move for it. If not, just go on foot. The goal is to get somewhere where there is action. This usually means within 250m of a cache, but can often be in what is seemingly the middle of nowhere. Remember, your goal is engaging the enemy, not getting to a cache, and so you should engage whoever you find first.

    Fighting Vehicles that haven't seen you:

    If you see a chopper, make sure your AT guy understands that he can probably hit it at under 150m if it's hovering, but not to even try if it's 400m away and zipping around.
    If you see a hummer/landrover, get an AT round in his direction ASAP, and open small arms fire immediately.
    If you see a command truck, hopefully your AT guy can take him out. if he thinks the command truck with stop in a place he can hit, have him wait for that. Otherwise, open fire as soon as you think you can hit.
    If you see an APC, use tactics similar to the command truck, but never fire twice from the same spot.
    If you see a tank, get all of your ambushers to try to bum rush him or sneak around him with IEDs, and have someone who dies spawn back at the main to grab a jihad car

    In all cases, apart from armor and humvees/landrovers, open small arms fire after the first RPG is fired, not before. Remember that the RPG is your best bet for taking him out.

    Assessing the effectiveness of your squad and other friendly squads:

    If there is one good way to judge a squad, it's this: Kills+Deaths. No, not K-D, or K-D Ratio, just K+D. Kills are obviously good, and deaths are almost always a good thing. It means that the enemy was occupied killing them, and not looking for caches. One of the few exceptions is if it's a civilian squad, in which case deaths can be a very bad thing for the team. More deaths means the squad saw more action.

    Version History (Bold is current):

    1.0: First posted
    1.01: Added more bolding for clarity
    1.02:Added spacing for clarity
    1.03: added more bolding
    1.04: added "traditional squad tactics do not work as an insurgent"
    1.05: added TODO list
    1.06: added more weapons reviews

    Vehicles that have seen you
    attacking enemy main: Possible? Worth it?
    when to fight at the cache
    Alternative strategies
    A more thorough explanation of why traditional, tight squad tactics don't work
    what .8 has changed about Insurgency, and how it effects playstyle
    Pictures, spreadsheets where appropriate
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    Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

    Well done!


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      Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

      I have to disagree with the "don't worry about dying" bit. Every time they kill you (as well as every time they pick up an insurgent kit) they get one intel point, so letting your squad get wiped out can be as bad or worse than letting them capture a civie! That's not to say that the insurgents shouldn't be aggressive (they should) but that they should make sure that their deaths accomplish something other than wasting a few rounds of NATO ammo... and that if they do die, they should die somewhere where the enemy won't be able to quickly and easily pick up their kit.


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        Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

        Dont forget, if the NF picks up your kit after they kill you, they get another intel point.


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          Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

          you forgot that you can be arrested with a shotgun (not that it's very likely... on a training map i aimed and pumped 3 rounds into a guy 5 meters away and did nothing)

          and, last time i checked the manual, NF can kill collaborators without penalty from a vehicle


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            Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

            Ugh, why can't I edit old posts? I'd LOVE to just be able to edit and re-edit the first post over and over again, to improve it. Reposting it for modifications to it is inefficient and silly.


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              Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

              Nice post riff. You could ask an admin and just send him your new post, they may put it in the first post then.


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                Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

                Originally posted by KORdaemon View Post
                you forgot that you can be arrested with a shotgun (not that it's very likely... on a training map i aimed and pumped 3 rounds into a guy 5 meters away and did nothing)

                and, last time i checked the manual, NF can kill collaborators without penalty from a vehicle
                Not quite... you can run them down, but using vehicle weapons on a collaborator is still going to have the associated penalties.


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                  Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

                  Shotgun has massive deviation apparently but if civ only has rocks you should be able to stand still hopefully

                  If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you have obviously failed to plan properly.


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                    Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

                    A great insurgency tactic I have found is to drive a technical as a collaborator: you can wrench it up when it need repairs, and you can heal your gunners if they take damage. Also, have your gunner bring an IED! He can switch seats to the F4 center seat, drop the IED without getting out of the truck, count to 3 and BOOM! Great for a drive by IED on a firebase or any other stationary target.


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                      Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

                      Originally posted by w.WAREHOUSE View Post
                      A great insurgency tactic I have found is to drive a technical as a collaborator: you can wrench it up when it need repairs, and you can heal your gunners if they take damage. Also, have your gunner bring an IED! He can switch seats to the F4 center seat, drop the IED without getting out of the truck, count to 3 and BOOM! Great for a drive by IED on a firebase or any other stationary target.
                      I remember doing that round with you. 22 kills personally, like 50-60 for the squad. great round.


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                        Re: A Layman's Guide to: .8 Insurgency as Insurgent

                        Another great insurgency tactic is on Korengal, with the use of IED's in IED Alley (the road leaving the US Main base).

                        Setting up IED's in the grass/sides of walls and even some entrances, and having a works great especially when allowing the first car to pass a convoy (on most occasions the Support truck will be in the middle or towards the rear, having patience and setting up IED's with ample distance from one another, or in positions where you can have players set off numerous charges, to destroy both the support truck and the lead humvee, or the rear humvee which will then cause a mini ambush.

                        I was able to implement this tactic last night with the help of my squad, and sauceman providing tips too all, his kdr alone proved that this tactic works well and causes frustration on the US Side.

                        Also using diversions i.e. insurgents running across the road towards the middle of the alley, can sometimes cause vehicles to speed up and stretching the convoy very thin leaving the support truck and back humvee open in the kill zone.

                        The Cell Leader kit also works good from an observing position overlooking IED Alley, where he can drop AK47-203 nades (i don't know the proper name of this kit) behind the convoy or on troops assembling on the north and south tree line areas, while the ambushers wait patiently and while other insurgents shoot sporadic gunfire to confuse and tempt the american forces into battle.

                        I have new found respect for being an insurgent, especially on Korengal. Though the weapons are far less accurate, in my mind in close quarters, they can still be deadly with the auto fire, and the single shot einfeld's (sp?) work very well on incoming convoys, as do molotov's and grenades.
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