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  • more VOIP questions

    I am trying to get started in this game but am having some issues. One of which is using the VOIP. Ive never really used it before and now it seems like it would really help out. One of my main questions is: Is there any way to limit who hears your speach. What i mean is can you send it to just the squad, team or all? I tried the push to talk button but couldnt figure out a way to tak to certain people. It would really be embarrasing to be calling out positions to everyone including the enemy.

    I couldnt find anything with the search on that. Most of the other threads were concerning other issues.

    With that said do yall have a preferance to teamspeak or ventrilio over the Battlefield one? If so how do you set that up to talk to different people? Remember im completly new to the VOIP deal.

    Thanks for any help and hope to see some of you in a few games.


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    Re: more VOIP questions

    If you are a squad member, the only people you can talk to are your squad members. No one else can hear you, no exceptions, ever.

    If you are a squad leader, however, you can talk to your squad members (b) or the commander (v). Squad leaders cannot talk to other squad leaders, period.

    If you are the commander, you can talk to any squad leader you want, either all at once or one at a time. Commanders cannot talk to squad members.

    There is zero team-to-team voip.

    HOWEVER, if you use Teamspeak, you can use the teamspeak push-to-talk to speak to everyone in the same channel as you are. Sure, it is easy for the enemy to join your team's communication channel, but that will get them banned. A lot of us use teamspeak to talk to eachother to organize airstrikes and double-squad assaults and such.

    TG only uses Teamspeak, never Ventrilo. You cannot talk to individual people only in Teamspeak, unless it is only you and the other person in the channel.
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      Re: more VOIP questions

      You can setup scripts in TS to speak to indivuals but you would have to go out of your way to do that.

      Also the channel commander thing can be used to speak to that group of people

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        Re: more VOIP questions

        Follow the intructions in the TS page to set up teamspeak..

        PR has a Public Channel, 2 co-ordination channels, and 2 leadership channels for Squad Leaders..


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          Re: more VOIP questions

          you can also use xfire to talk or text chat to other people in game, but you MUST have them as a freind before hand.
          hope this is of some use to you




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