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My actions came to the surface last night, formal apology to the TG & TG PR Community

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  • My actions came to the surface last night, formal apology to the TG & TG PR Community

    I want to send out a formal apology to the members of TG, and to the TG PR Community.

    My actions during last night's CnC game, debriefing on TS afterwards, and PR games this weekend was immature, nit-picky, mean, and down right rude, and does not go with what my IHS stands for nor what the community is all about. Instead of leaving it on the battlefield, I decided to carry it with me to the next round for most of all of last week and into the weekend, I even went as far as to typing my quips and thoughts into global and team chat when it was not warranted or needed for that matter, and letting everyone know my opinion on every subject, especially when it was not warranted nor was there a reason to post.

    I plan on talking personally to a few members of the TG community this week on TS so we can iron out our differences and get on an even playing field as well as apologize to them for calling them out and making their experience at TG uncomfortable and unappealing.

    I would rather like people reply to me via PM's, this can be locked after I post it, my actions from now on will be in much better spirits, and i plan on putting to reality what is expected of me not only as a member of TG but as a 28 year old adult, the way I have acted over the past week has been probably near the age of a 7 year old throwing a hissy fit tantrum after not being allowed to get ice cream or a candy bar from the good humor man or in a candy store.

    My apologies to all members of the TG and to the PR TG Community as a whole.
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    Re: My actions came to the surface last night, formal apology to the TG & TG PR Commu

    locked per Randy's wish

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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******




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