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Teamspeak chatter.

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  • Teamspeak chatter.

    I 've been holding back to bring this up but I 'm really getting sick of it. It 's always the same guys spamming the coordination channels with chatter that has nothing to do with the game.

    Just a friendly reminder to take it to the public channel, even between the rounds. People like to organize their squad when/before the round starts which doesn't work very well when they can't hear each other. I 've been muting my output mostly and have told the 'offenders' several times to take it to the public channel... but the next day it just happens again.

    You know who you are... so try not to think only about yourself for once and respect the players that want to use the channels for the purpose they were created.

    Coordination channels only work with MINIMUM comms, I hate having to mute them every single time.

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    Re: Teamspeak chatter.

    You can tell them to shut-up.

    You could also get Channel Admin rights for the Coordination channels from a friendly admin. If they don't mind when you ask them to be quiet please, kick them from the channel.


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      Re: Teamspeak chatter.

      also, guys PR leadership is strictly for SL's and CO's, PR Coordination is for players on that team, PR Public channel is for players who might want to chat..........

      I hear you GhostDog, last night the Chinese Team players along with myself who were in the Coordination channel, were awesome, we barely spoke, i almost thought no one was there.....but when things needed to be said they were said.......

      a suggestion, my last one because i'm just a player and i don't want to get into these types of topics anymore, i am trying to take a stance as a wtcher and not a nit picker. if you are not on the team you are in the coordination or leadership channel that you are in, switch channels its no fair to the other players.
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        Re: Teamspeak chatter.

        Let's do this: Report the repeat offenders to the admins via Contact an Admin. I think we can remove these folks from teamspeak until they learn a lesson. This goes for players that stay in the wrong channel intentionally as well.

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          Re: Teamspeak chatter.

          Last night's "X-Treme" night had way too much comm chatter. Way too much.


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            Re: Teamspeak chatter.

            please some restraint guys. And also for organizing squads, if everybody would be a good boy we would have 3 or 4 squadleaeders in between rounds organizing their team, so for that you would need sub channels anyway. During the game you have the leadership channel which is fine for SL to communicate with each other. But if you want to organize your squads in teamspeak you need subchannels.


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              Re: Teamspeak chatter.

              Originally posted by Delta*RandyShugart* View Post
              also, guys PR leadership is strictly for SL's and CO's,
              we have a channel now just for SL's & CO's ???

              -just might see me on TS later :)


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                Re: Teamspeak chatter.

                I've been appointing several TS channel admins. If people can't be mature enough to stop talking when asked to they may find themselves kicked.

                I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.




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