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Kicked cause killing many buddys?

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  • Kicked cause killing many buddys?

    Allright here I go, first of all, Im new at TG, the first time I played here was yesterday (I got my original key :)), Im from Uruguay so I speak spanish (If u have been with me on a squad u should know that =P).

    Well, now I was trying to join the server, but I found with a message that says:

    "You have been kicked from the server by the game, an admin, for excessive teamkilling or as the result of a successful kick vote."

    Can anybody tell me what I did?, as I remember, I didnt do any TK..

    The last thing that I remember I did, was been on a Tank with n40x (something like that I dont remember the name .. he had the tag TG|), and we got killed, and it changed me to the another side (the server..).

    Sorry if this isnt the place to post this, Im confused now in the forums.

    Cya later, and Thanks from now.

    PS: My nick IG is *=FN=* Maltrayi

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    Re: Kicked cause killing many buddys?

    Hello there and welcome to TG.

    That kick message is what the computer says if there are no more slots available on the server. The server is full at 62 out of 64. The two extra slots are used for a supporting member script that kicks out the non supporting member who has been on the longest to make room when a supporting member joins the server. So if you were trying to join the server when it already had 62 players, that clumsy non-descript message is the result.




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