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Why I think there cant be no complaining about teamstacking in PR

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  • Why I think there cant be no complaining about teamstacking in PR

    Most Multiplayer games of the shooty kind require skills, the skills to evade enemy fire and the skills to bring your fire on target. Skill is partly innate and partly the result of practice, ideally you want an even distribution of bad mediocre and good players in those games for a competitive match, because, lets face it, yelling at players to play better wont make them play better.

    While certain things in PR do require similiar skills as traditional shooters or when it comes to flying, those skills dont have as big as an impact on the game (except for flying skillz). I dont see too many riflemen in PR with an awesome KD ratio.

    Basically the things you need to do to have a good game in PR you can learn and read up on, its just a few things and after you read up on them you just do them. Thats all most of the things in PR that greatly contribute torwards victory can be done right out of the bat, it does not require skill to exercise restraint with requesting kits so they are avaiable when you need them, it does not require skill to stick with your squadleader and to follow his orders it does not require skill to forward intel, its something everybody can do, if he chooses to do it. Commanding well, that requires a little bit of skill, but you are not exactly leading the 6th army into Russia and here too you can get by with common sense, if you can be bothered to command that is.

    So unlike in shooters games in PR are lost badly to a good team, not because jhonny couldnt find more hours a day to refine his skillz, but because too many players on the team cant be bothered, too many players on the team cant be arsed, too many players on the team take the HAT kit without necessity at the start of the game, because they dont care if you need it later on or not.

    So if you cant be bothered if you cant be arsed, dont complain about teamstacking, because if I exercise restraint with kits I dont want to play in a team where important kits are gone when I need them, because Iam the only idiot not grabbing them while they are still there, I dont want to command in a team where nobody cant be arsed to return the favour. If I do all the things necessary to win a game, including commanding, I want to be in a team that does the same. If your team is losing badly it just needs to start doing the things needed to be competitive the players need to RTFM maybe have a look at the realitymod forum and then just DO the things needed to be competitive.

    Now if 6 or so games in a row are lost with a ticket difference smaller 50, THEN we can talk about teamstacking, because close games means both teams are equally good (or bad) at doing the routine things needed to keep a game toegether and then we can discuss the problem of teamstacking with a team that did everything needed to win the last couple of rounds but still lost, but not with players who wait for some idiot to do the boring stuff for them.
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