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  • Irregs - New and Improved!

    After making the new recruits shuck the barnacles off the hull and having the veteran swabbies put a new coat of tar on the mast, the Irregulars are proud to announce some new changes aimed toward making things more efficient on board ship. Please look at our new reforms here.

    Also, the Irregs have re-tooled our applications to be more concise and to give us a better picture of those applying. Recruitment for PR and 2142 is now open. If you applied previously, your name has been given to the Training Officers for review, but please submit a new application to let us know you're still interested.

    Along with these policy changes, the Irregs have implemented the Irregulars' Code, a concise list of expectations and rules for our Irregulars members. All current Irregs and future recruits will be held to the standard set by the Code. Please let me know if any of those scurvy dogs go astray from the Code!

    |TG-Irr| ThePenguineer ::: |TG-Irr| Pengie the Noob
    TG-Irregulars Commanding Officer

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    Re: Irregs - New and Improved!

    i though it wasn't possible to make perfect better ;)

    Life's too short to live it fast.




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