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Ugh Ping problem

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  • Ugh Ping problem

    For some reason, when i am home in Boston, my ping on the TG server stays under 50 but when im in college in pittsburgh, my ping stays at 104.

    my internet at home is T1, and i think the internet i have in college is i2 (internet 2 or something like that) and my download speeds in college go up to 15mb/s according to i have no idea why my ping in pittsburgh is i think im closer to the TG server anyways.

    anyone know what i can do to get my ping down?

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    Re: Ugh Ping problem

    all ur traffic probably goes through a firewall and internal servers which ofc delays the transaction

    also you are probably using wlan (wlan is slower than ethernet) which means you got a secure connection - and because you are at your college all traffic could be encripted - encription takes time

    conclusion: lots of routing + encription + wlan = more ping

    solution: bring a CAT5 cable and link up directly - might give you up to 20ms less

    edit: download rate has little to do with ping (except for low bandwidth like <64k)


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      Re: Ugh Ping problem

      You dont have many options here CV.
      You're at the mercy of your ISP's there.
      Just make sure your equipment is sound and you aren't running any unneeded network protcols.

      Have you run a traceroute yet to see where your latency is coming from ?

      Maybe 6 months ago my normally 15-20 ping went up to nearly 1000. A traceroute showed one of the routers along my path to the server was abnormally slow. I ran a Whois and found out what ISP it was then called their tech support. Of course they told me I shouldnt have jumped over the head of my own local ISP and called them, but with in 15 minutes they reset the router and all was good.

      If its not your equipment CV, all you can do is try tech support at your school or if you're lucky like I was further up the ISP chain.

      100 is not too bad. IIRC BF2 is optimzed for a ping of 100.
      Sniping made some good points too :)

      Good Luck.



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        Re: Ugh Ping problem

        Sniping Coward is correct; many colleges use secured and/or encrypted networks for dorms and sharing the connection with however many other students downloading mp3s and playing WoW is really going to kill your sustained bandwidth. Raw downloads 9files, etc) often come in bursts so the overall data transfer still appears high.
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          Re: Ugh Ping problem

          I play with an average ping of 200 with no problems, usually. Unless you are sniping (or perhaps low altitude flying) you shouldn't have any real performance issues with 100.
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            Re: Ugh Ping problem

            Low alt flying is not affected by ping, however flying vs other players would be.

            pr is pretty good for high ping people as there is that delay to accuracy anyway so not every low ping guy is suddenly billy the kid

            You have to double the figure to get the time to the server and back, others will have a shorter time so their bullet/vehicle always get there first

            My effective delay is about a quarter of a second which is enough to end up shot when you were around the corner, etc

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              Re: Ugh Ping problem

              100 ping is Ideal if you want to hit what you are aiming at.. BF2 defaults are for a 100 ping.


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                Re: Ugh Ping problem

                Dang it my pings usually 40-50 time to slow down the network. ;)


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                  Re: Ugh Ping problem

                  lol, my ping is always below 10, usually 7 or 8. I live inside the server you should know :D

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