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Reminder about helicopters (Part 2)

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  • Reminder about helicopters (Part 2)

    Due to my other thread's advice being a little outdated, I remade the thread. Could an Admin lock the old one please?

    I've recently overclocked my video card and I find myself more willing to fly on maps due to the fact I won't lag right into the ground.
    I found that I enjoy flying on Kashan, Qwai, and Jabal, Muttrah, and Ramiel. I've yet to fly on any other maps really.
    I've decided to edit my checklist of pointers to more correctly reflect my beliefs and this game version.

    Transport Helicopters.

    1. I am more able to predict the flow of the game and as such, able to land you in more places. If a squad hops in and requests to go to a flag and I feel that the flag is safe, I'll land as close as I can. I like to drop the squads off in covered area's, so I try to keep that in mind. I still, however, refuse to drop squads off too close to the front battle lines when I know that there is AA in the area and doing so will be certain death for all of us. For those who are reading this, if you feel as if you are not able to bring the chopper back safely, tell the squad about your concerns. You're responsible for their safety to an extent. However, don't be rude about it.

    2. I'm more experienced with supply crates than I was and I actually love doing them now. It gives me something to do and it's fun to find the colored smoke and drop things on it for the crew. If requesting a crate, tell exact coordinates and pop smoke if you can. If you're flying and they haven't, be more observant. Look for the group of people. Ask yourself," Has any other choppers dropped crates?" If so, look for that crate and try to drop it next to that. Don't try to sacrifice the chopper to bring crates for people. Only experienced pilots and in certain circumstances should it be done.

    3. I actively read the chat and you should too. Not everyone is on teamspeak ( You should be though ) and the chat is their main way of communicating with you. People should be giving precise and clear requests with coordinates ( I.E. A6 KP3 or Alpha 6, Keypad 3 or something like that. ). Ask the squad if the area is secure. Many a time I've had to bug out due to a threat they didn't talk about or just didn't know was there. Also, for god sakes, don't type while flying. You end up losing control real easily.

    4. Three to Four man squads is all that is needed for a transport squad. I feel that the most efficient way (Yet boring sorta) is for the SL to stay at base and actually command his squad. He is the single link to the commander and can relay orders with move markers. He can pay more attention to the chat and give more precise locations than a SL who has to try to read the map while flying or a SM who's squad leader isn't listening and has to memorize the location in his head.

    5. Try to keep the helicopters grounded unless you're on a specific mission. DON'T MESS AROUND. Those heli's cost tickets and time and that is something your team can't afford to lose if you're hovering or doing barrel rolls and lag into the ground or disconnect.

    6. Gun-runs. I personally only do these on Ramiel and Kashan 16. I've recently done them on Al Bashrah V2 to much success. Gun-runs are dangerous and require a skilled pilot and ONE skilled gunner. There is a lot of communication that goes into this, so both parties need to be on VoIP or TS or Vent. The reason I only ask for one gunner is simple. I can't have both guns facing the target. When I fly, I end up going into a 500 MPH oval around the target with the door gunner facing the target. The other guy will be looking into the air most of the time. It's a waste of a ticket if the heli is shot down and the extra guy goes down with it. However, if that person volunteers to be an Engi and repair while you're flying, go for it. It won't hurt.

    7. Calling for pickup/extraction and doing it. It's not the hardest thing, but it requires a certain amount of skill. As the SL, be precise where you're at. "Need extraction at North Village (or coordinates) on the road. Enter West." After you got a helicopter inbound, keep your squad together. I dislike having to wait for that lone SM who's running from the other side of the town to me. Also try to keep your LZ's on flat surfaces, roads are excellent.
    The embarking/disembarking should take no longer than 3 seconds. After your squad is inside, someone say "Go" Or use the voice command and immediately state where you want to go.
    When disembarking, sprint for half a second to a second and go prone. If the helicopter gets out of control, you won't get clipped by the rotor. Do it quickly, the longer you wait, the longer the heli is exposed.

    For the pilot, look at your map before you take off. Try to memorize quickly their location. After checking, take off and go for it. Stay low and fast. If you've memorized the map and you know the surface is flat, go for a runway type landing. This is when your wheels touch the ground and slow you down quickly. You take no damage and you don't spend time fiddling with your S key (or throttle if you use a joystick.) Quickly make sure the way is clear by using Ctrl + Mouse to look if noone says go and go to your destination.
    Take them to where they want to go and do the same thing. Try not to spin on the ground. However, after you lift off the ground, do a 180 turn and go straight back the way you went. You know that's a safe area. If it's not, try to think quickly of a better route.
    Remember, LOW AND FAST.

    8. When in the heli, don't panic or mess around. Don't shoot the door gunner guns and don't hop out prematurely unless you have a suicide wish. If I begin emergency maneuvers, don't hop out. We might live and if you've hopped out, you've wasted a ticket and now away from your squad.

    9. Emergency procedures. .50 cals and AA are the primary dangers to the helicopter. Kashan has an extra danger of flying planes and tanks. If you become under fire, you need to drop altitude and gain speed. Trade your angels for energy. Turn away from the fire and if it's a lock, pop flares immediately. As you're peeling away, do your best to find cover from the fire. If no cover is available, peel away as fast as you can in a zig-zag fashion while popping flares. .50 cal gunners have a hard time aimming at moving targets and hiding behind your flares tend to make missiles miss. Whatever you do, don't panic. Stay calm and try your best to evaluate your situation in the couple seconds you have. Only practice and experience will improve you.

    10. Have fun most of all. Flying helicopters is extremely fun. However, don't hog it and don't get angry if you can't fly a round. Ground-work is fun as well. Practice as much as you can in training servers and always try to have VoIP abilities.

    This should be a more appealing checklist of advice for people.

    You're resident FireFighter/EMT TonkaTruck <3



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