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Battlerecorder problem: replay stops after +- 1hour

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  • Battlerecorder problem: replay stops after +- 1hour

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me on this problem I have. Yesterday I had a great round on barracuda, so I DL the bfr-file, and when I play it ... it stops after approximately 1 hour. The replay stops mid-game, but the idle animations on the soldiers still work. So it is not the program that really freezes, it just seems like the bfR file does not record over 1 hour or somethign like that.

    Thus I could not see or make a video of the epic d-day style beach assault we did. I've had this problem for as long as I play PR, and perhaps longer without knowing, since bfVanilla file are almost never one hour.

    Does anyone have this same problem, and/or does anyone know a fix for this?

    Thanks in advance.

    And PS, thanks to all the guys in my squad that round. I reluctantly picked the ever reliable, but non-voip using Gahlas as Fireteamleader, and it worked great. It's been so long since I have had the opportunity in PR to play with a squad that is smart/disciplined enough to allow the use of tactics of fire and movement to be used by a SL. It did show so clearly to me that although communication in a squad is important, your still better of with non-voip players that you can count on, players that you know will be being where you expect them to be. So much fun to play in a squad and function as a SL, rather then as a sheep herding dog!
    We were able to move over totally open terrain while under constant fire, only because we had one fireteam suppressing the enemy just enough!...Well as said, pity the BFrecorder didn't work, perhaps I could have made a video that could convince more people of the value of not running about like headless chicken.
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    Re: Battlerecorder problem: replay stops after +- 1hour

    Have you tried DL the file again

    I know that if you DL the file right after the match ends it hasnt had enough time to compile or whatever on the server.. therefore it is possible to DL the first half but not the last of the match..

    This has happened to me before..
    Try to redownload the file..


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      Re: Battlerecorder problem: replay stops after +- 1hour

      Will try that thank you. As I re-download I already notice that the file I downloaded immediatly after playing is about 60MB too small. So you are probably right.




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