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  • Do you think?

    Does anyone playing PR on this server have any reason to think people would be using this forum to train or otherwise practice tactics for use in any real life activity?

    Is PR a good enough place to train real life teamwork and combat movement techniques? Would our TG PR server give a realistic enough workout for real soldiers heading to combat? Is is a good place to try out real teamwork and tactics?

    We have a fairly good forum for tactics and teamwork. I thought this might be a good vote.

    Just a thought. Let me hear what you think.
    No, PR is a game
    Possibly, PR is pretty realistic
    I think so, PR is a good simulation for combat
    YES, PR is as good as any military training program out there

    The poll is expired.


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    Re: Do you think?

    Simulation for airsoft/paintball, and loosely at that, but it does allow tactical creativity with a pretense to realism and tactics that can be refined more for real life use.
    I wouldn't trust any video game for real combat training with real bullets and blood.


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      Re: Do you think?

      I voted PR is just a game.

      First of all, you can't really train soldiers through a simulator. They have to do it physically outside in the mud getting dirty and all. You can, however, learn basic team tactics including formations, move and shoot tactic, etc. But it's just not the same in a simulator.

      Second, PR is not really a simulator. The map displayed is nothing like real life and also the paste is way too fast compared to reality. Back in Vietnam, soldiers waited for a pretty darn long time in their foxhole before actually firing their weapon. In PR, most people hate waiting and watching... they just want to see the action or be part of it. There are a lot more features in PR that is unrealistic, you name it. I'm not saying that PR sucks or anything just stating the facts. PR is a great game and all, please don't get me wrong! But I really do like how TG emphasize on tactics and realism!

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        Re: Do you think?

        The infantry and combined arms aspects could certainly be put to use for basic, coordinated training. Primarily for positioning and reaction to situations - PR would not be ideal for learning how to operate a tank, but there are more advanced simulators for that sort of thing.

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          Re: Do you think?

          I voted that it is only a game. For me PR have only once created the stress that you feel in combat this was when I was leading a mec inf squad on korengal, I was sweating after that. Usually I have a good time but it fails utterly in recreating the feeling of running around with 20+kg of gear sweating your ass off in some desert and having to keep an eye out for an ambush that could be 100m up the road.

          So no I do not think that it could be used to simulate combat because I have a detached feeling when playing it not like I am really involved in what is going on I cant feel the ground beneath me I'm not falling over the undergrowth (yes I'm clumsy).
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            Re: Do you think?

            I voted PR as a game. The only aspects of real combat you could possibly simulate with it are basic infantry tactics, and even then, the kind of training you would be receiving could be just as easily conducted with a pen and paper.


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              Re: Do you think?

              No, it is a game.

              ArmA can be. It is based off of a game that is actually used for Military usage, though, so if the Marines/Army/British Military wanted to have a computer combat simulator, they would use the original game that ArmA spawned off of.
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                Re: Do you think?

                Maybe you need a category between "No, PR is a game"
                and "Possibly, PR is pretty realistic".
                As is I'm voting No.

                Sure some real world tactics could be practiced in PR. Alot of us use them already in game. But for the reasons mentioned before this reply, I'd say PR could only at best be a small percentage of a much more in depth training regimen.



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                  Re: Do you think?

                  PR teaches combat like Madden NFL 2009 teaches you how to play football.

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                    Re: Do you think?

                    Originally posted by llPANCHOll View Post
                    1 Word...


                    no real fear, i dont hear the real screams like "mooootherrrr" and all that stuff, the heals are just too fast and it dosnt hurt... but well other than that its fun!


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                      Re: Do you think?

                      I voted no, but that was only because the category I was looking for wasn't there.

                      I agree with many others, PR is not a simulator however it does allow people to use teamwork and tactics.

                      In PR, you're given a battleground, an objective/mission and assets, and that's all you have, it's up to the player to choose how he does things and what tactics he uses, it's not like a storyline.

                      Although, PR can increase things like reaction time, maybe fear (walking around a corner to encounter an enemy squad).

                      And when players use tactics, they need coordination and people who are willing to cooperate, to work as a team.



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                        Re: Do you think?

                        The only thing PR would actually be useful for is tactics. Even at that, you would need the other team. And this would only REALLY apply to infantry. Just movement/position tactics, which can be simulated with paper.

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                          Re: Do you think?

                          A game - period.

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                            Re: Do you think?

                            Please dont go around telling teenagers that this is just like real-life combat for the love of god. I voted its just a game.




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