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  • Great PR stories

    Share your great PR stories here.

    My best one :

    I was playing Kenegal Valley and 3 squad members + myself had been killed in some crazy action infront of a cave.

    So we respawned at main base due to our RP being down, being an Engineer and due to the fact we had no commander, I grabbed the commander truck and loaded up my fellow squadies.

    After taking about 3 minutes to find the damn exit in that base, I made my way onto the main road that leads across the entire map, everything is smooth sailing until we get to a part of the road covered with walls and buildings, I see two insurgents on the wall to my left and gun it, due to the fact that there is no cover.

    They open fire on full automatic and I quickly get out of there, I crash into a tree not too far away and pull out as my squad mates are yelling "THEY'RE COMING!"

    I continue down the road quickly, and I see another insurgent standing in the middle of the road, he takes a grenade out and I charge for him, he tosses the grenade and it blows up right on the hood of the truck.

    The truck is ok though and I ram into him just after he fires 3 bullets that kill another squad mate. Once he's flattened against the wall I quickly continue on to the end of the road where a burnt truck is laying and I pull the truck into the woods and we get out and meet up with the rest of the squad.

    Felt like a action movie or something.

    Another good one :

    I was playing Ramiel when 2 squads got together, built some firebases, took the hummvees from the firebases and then made a convoy! They made a freaking convoy using driver and gunner for each hummvee.

    This was insane, they drove through the entire town, firing away with the .50 cals, taking IED explosions, dodging RPG's by just a inch.

    They actually succeed and really help out the team and help us win. It was amazing seeing it and it felt like a scene from Blackhawk Down.

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    Re: Great PR stories

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      Re: Great PR stories

      Ah yes don't we all wish to share our tales from the front, although this is better placed at I don't care if someone wishes to post here, I have an excellent story about me and 2 of my fellow squad mates holding North Bunker from an onslaught:

      After getting the team organized once more, the assault on the Bunker complex in the Kashan desert was a go. In my Bradely IFV I think I did an amazing feat, downing a BMP, one Tank and damaging another Tank.

      After showing the tankers that I don't have to be in a tank to take them down, one sneakily comes up behind, destroying my IFV, my driver and I both got out alive, the tank's barrel was aimed at us, ready to fire when CAS took it down in one shot, without a laze at low altitude.

      The real action begins when the squad and I enter the North Bunker, we soon find ourselves being counterattacked by a vicious force. A BMP and a Tank were outside, pounding all possible areas we could be hiding in, 2 members went down during the mayhem. I can't remember it well, but Myself, Warehouse and xsoldier and I think a fellow squadmate named golden1 were still there. Soon golden went down, and we each covered all possible access points, there was 3.

      Warehouse covered the bathroom, where enemies could sneak in through a vent opening from the roof. I covered the main entrance from the roof, the stairs. Xsoldier covered a doorway which was directly right of me, I proned at a position about 15m away from the staircase (just right of the bathroom door) where I had a perfect firing line of anyone coming down the stairs.

      The main infantry force came in through the roof by helicopter, me, I would say the least experienced infantryman of all 3 of us, would take out most of the roof force from my position.

      As the first soldier came down the staircase, 6 well aimed bullets from my M4 went straight into that poor sucker and killed him. My heart was racing, but I kept my finger ready on the mouse button. After 1 other comes in, they deploy smoke at the top of the stairs, already Xsoldier and Warehouse had encountered and easily dealt with contacts. I see some movement on the stairs but do not manage to kill the person, I realize that I have to reload, and during this time the enemy makes it behind a very small cover, I pop out and take him down.

      One even makes it as far as the locker room, he charges into there, when I pop out he is lying in the open, I immediately dart back to cover, and when he stops firing, I come out, and take him down. It goes on for several minutes, and I kill 6 enemies before reinforcements arrive.

      Our Squad Leader, Portable Cougar congratulates us on holding out very well, and we carry on.

      I love to tell stories like this, and this post is probably huge but that was my most realistic infantry experience so far.





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